Update news for 2011-02-17


  • New: Reactivated robot insurance with revised calculations. We'll be closely monitoring price changes, and insurance fraud (deliberately using insurance to gain any unintended benefit) is now officially considered an exploit, and as such punishable by account suspension according to the EULA.
  • Change: There is now a terrain steepness check before planting a Noralgis incubator, which will tell you whether the tile you'd like to deploy it on is suitable for its growth.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Reduced the effects of Signal detector and Signal masker modules.
  • Change: Increased the accumulator usage of Signal detector modules.
  • Change: Increased the CPU usage of Signal masker modules.
  • Change: Slightly increased the armor HP of mech and heavymech class robots (Artemis, Kain, Tyrannos; Seth, Mesmer, Gropho).
  • Change: There was a "hidden" modifier which gave small weapons a 10% damage boost when hitting big targets. This bonus has now been removed.


  • Change: Due to insurance changes we'd like to give everyone the opportunity to decide whether they want to invest in insurance extensions. Therefore "Long-term insurance" and "Extended insurance quota" have been "uninstalled" from all Agents and the spent EP has been reimbursed.
  • Change: Removed the "Insurance discount" extension and reimbursed spent EP for it.
  • Change: The base duration of insurance is now 15 days and "Long-term insurance" now provides 3 additional days per extension level (was 1 day).
  • Change: "Extended insurance quota" now provides 1 additional insurance slot per extension level (was 3).

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