Update news for 2011-02-08


  • Change: Tile-based geoscanner results have been tweaked to be more distinctive when displaying no minerals versus low amount of minerals.
  • Change: Epriton fields on Domhalarn have been modified to have a similar layout as on other beta islands (more fields, less density - the overall amount has not changed and is the same for all beta islands). (This was an oversight in the previous patch.)
  • Change: The mechanic which killed plants when someone was standing on their tile has been removed. (This happened when they were about to advance from a non-blocking phase to a blocking phase).


  • Fix: Non-packable items in your storage (ammo, minerals, kernels etc.) were not recognized by the market and thus the "sell this type" button was not working.


  • Fix: Assignment objective points were greyed out in the landmarks list.
  • Fix: Module icons disappeared when they were dragged from the equip window to a corporation storage.

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