Update news for 2010-12-22

Important note

There might be a confusion for some of you who think that their subscription will automatically renew. It won't, so keep an eye on your account expiration time and get a new key in our store if you plan to stick with us!


  • New: A new account reset option is now available for new players who want to start over again without losing precious Extension Points. You can read about the details here.
  • New: The set homebase feature has been upgraded: now you can also select any of the three main Alpha terminals as your homebase, regardless of your current location. Useful when you get stuck on the Beta islands in an Arkhe.
  • New: You cannot destroy items in your cargo anymore while you're in combat. "In combat" status is indicated by the two new blinking red lights on the robot status panel.
  • Change: Players killed in Arkhes won't increase your kill count on the "Most dangerous Agents" list anymore. Arkhe MK2 still counts!
  • Change: Beta island secure areas have been slightly increased in size because arriving players were sometimes put outside of them.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Starter Arkhe robots given after player deaths are now only equipped when you receive them at Alpha terminals. Alpha outposts and Beta terminals and outposts will only serve empty Arkhes.
  • Change: Arkhe's base CPU reduced to 30 TF.
  • Change: Arkhe's base speed and mass decreased.
  • Change: All Syn-Tec items now have a CPU usage of 1 TF.


  • New: Added a new confirmation window for installing/upgrading an extension on a character for the first time.


  • New: Added a Relations section to the Corporation Management window, with "Set reputation" and "Achieved reputation" tabs. The first one shows the list of corporations which your corporation has set a standing to, and the second one shows when other corporations have set a standing towards your corporation. This section is only visible for Agents with CEO, Deputy CEO, or PR Manager roles.


  • Fix: Knowledge of Tier4 (best named) lightweight frames were missing from kernels. (No kernels were used in vain because the system tells you if you can't learn anything new from a particular kernel.)


  • Change: Siege events will now take place with 48-hour intervals instead of 24 hours. This only affects yet unlisted events at the moment of the update.
  • Fix: The intrusion status window wasn't counting down for the earliest upcoming intrusion correctly.
  • New: The Specimen processing SAP will now have a 60 second processing cycle after an item batch is submitted and cannot receive new items until the timer ends.



  • New: The robot status display has two new red blinking lights which show when you're in combat.
  • New: Added sortable column headers to the squad window.
  • New: Extended Agent right-click menus in the squad window.


  • New: Added a new confirmation window when creating new characters.
  • New: Added a popup message when you receive a new Arkhe.
  • New: The transactions list will now show what robot you have insured when you paid the insurance fee.

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