Update news for 2010-03-26


Reimbursed all EP that you have spent on disabled extensions.


  • Fix: Disappearing items when moving them from a corporation storage folder to the private storage.
  • Fix: Disappearing items when buying from a player created order and not buying the whole stack.
  • Fix: Disappearing items when equipping items from corporation storage.
  • Fix: The window of a corporation storage folder is now closed when it is deleted.
  • Fix: Client crash when researching a multiple item selection which contained non-researchable ones too.
  • Fix: Fixed LOS calculations which caused too much ground shooting.
  • Fix: NPC loot was accidentally repaired when moved from loot container to robot cargo.
  • Fix: Extension requirements were accidentally checked for items in the robot's cargo as well.
  • Fix: Field containers were not asking for security codes. (they still won't ask it for members of the same squad and corporation, except for members of an NPC corporation)
  • Fix: Destroying public containers didn't work.
  • Fix: Researching kernels from a robot's cargo seemingly didn't remove the kernels and caused errors. Also, researching kernels has been disabled on the terrain.
  • Change: The maximum number of concurrently movable item stacks has been limited to 100.
  • Fix: Fixed blocking of decorations on the terrain.
  • New: Added an instant logout option when logging out on the terrain.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Items in robot cargo won't affect maximum speed anymore. (This was an intended feature but it doesn't work quite right, so it has been disabled for now)


  • New: Factory: production finish time and a cancel button is now shown on the information panel of a line with an "in production" state.
  • Fix: Removed all but selection and info options from the item list in the repairshop.
  • Change: Removed all old faulty scanresults that had 0,0 coordinates. Unfortunately the damage was permanent, we lost all data. Sorry about that.

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