Corporation restructuring


To: General Release, Project Perpetuum Staff/Agents

RE: Reorganization of Syndicate Corporate Directorates

All -

Recently there have been a few unanticipated developments in the fighting for control of *REDACTED - INAPPROPRIATE ACCESS LEVEL* islands, previously scheduled for acquisition as Beta-3 territory. This has forced Syndicate military, industrial, and logistical assets to retask certain key elements, most notably amongst their leadership staffing. Recent upswings in Agent pacification of Alpha and Beta territory against remaining Nians also support this move, requiring less direct Syndicate presence.

As a result, specific entities within Alpha and Beta territories will now enter a “subsidiary” status, allowing their administrative and leadership teams to shift their focus to *REDACTED* and assisting our efforts there. In practical terms, Agents will notice a change in the assignment availability - rather than directly serving both the main corporate entity and its subsidiaries, many times a task area will offer a assignment for only one of the three entities involved. Rather than complicate matters, Agents will simply be given the highest standing they had available with either the subsidiaries or the supercorporation.

In layman’s terms, the subsidiary corporations may be considered smaller parts of a greater whole, and anything done to help those parts is now appreciated by the whole as well. Initial standing to the supercorporation will be reflected by whichever corp had the highest standing towards the Agent in question. This change has been agreed to by the full Syndicate board, and all three corporate bodies on Nia will be condensing their operations to simplify.

The subsidiary corporations and their new “supercorporation” administrative leaders are as follows:


  • UASD is now the supercorporate entity controlling Ponter-Lassax Ltd. and Immortal Security.
  • Penntyte leadership now also administrates Gremlon Ltd. and American Electrical Engineering Conglomerate.
  • C&M Communications will be the administrative leader for Steltec as well as Webb&Webb.

Institute of Corporate Security (ICS)

  • The Department of Federated Defense will be the directing entity for Gamaul Martial Technologies & Research along with Znatwoy Armament.
  • The Department of Federated Industry will be dictating the direction of Vettelstec and Nanouval’s Nian operations as well.
  • Finally the Department of Federated Coordination will now control coordination with Armetra Enterprises and Geysier-Kronwerk as part of their own operations.


  • Matsuda will be the primary controller of Yunthui Military Research and Katsubuto Clan activities.
  • Seiguchi Development and Research will be the controlling part of Solaris and Baresh&Hatai operations.
  • Lastly, Asintech Intelligence will oversee Masashi Fujita and Odatron Supply Services.


As a few final points of emphasis:

  • Formally, all of these entities still exist, but functionally, involvement with any of the subordinate corporations or the supercorporation will reflect in Agent standings with all three at once.
  • In most cases, collapsed entities will no longer be competing with each other, so as to allow their leadership staff to focus their attention on the intensifying conflict beyond the Beta islands.

Agents may assume these changes are in effect immediately. Keep up the good work.

- *REDACTED: Insufficient Access Level*, Syndicate Board Executive

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