The market

Icon of the Market

The market is maintained and controlled by the Syndicate, as is the official currency, the NIC (Nian Credit).

In the market window you can only perform buying. If you wish to sell any of your items, open your private storage, right-click on the chosen item's icon, and choose sell.

There are two ways to search for items on the market. The first one is the list-based method, where you can browse the item tree by clicking on a category name on the left side of the market window. The other method is through direct searching, by typing the item's name into the searching bracket.

Each time you post a supply or demand order the market, you need to pay a basic market fee (regardless of whether the deal was a success or not) and a value added tax (VAT) after each successfully sold item.


When an Agent offers an item to sell, the offer will appear in the Supply window. In case these conditions fit you, you can buy it by double-clicking on the item. If you don't want to buy all of the offered items, worry not, you can set the quantity you wish to purchase. After the successful transaction, the item will be transferred to your private storage instantly. It is not currently possible to buy or sell items remotely.

The demand window shows you what other Agents want to buy. If you wish to fulfil any of these demands, just right-click on the proposal.

Price rates

Rates are useful to get the exact price log of that item. The white line on the larger graph shows the daily average price of the item. The light blue area represents the maximum and minimum price on that day.

The chart below tells you the amount that has been traded on a given day.

Also, you can switch the view between the overall data of all markets (global) and the data of the terminal you currently are (local). Use the timespan filter to switch the starting date of the chart.

Own adverts

A list of all the adverts that you have put on the market. Think well, before creating an advert, because it can only be cancelled at least 30 minutes after posting. If no one responds within that duration, the advert can be withdrawn.

Markets in range

Click on this tab to view the supply and demand rates of the selected item on nearby terminals. This option is extremely useful if you want to compare prices.

Skills for Marketeers

There are a variety of skills available to assist agents in using the market for whatever means they wish –cutting costs, increasing orders available, etc. Check under the Finances tab for more information.

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