Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Use of Avatar Creations


Avatar Creations the ('Company') provides on the website www.perpetuum-online.com (the 'Website') information, products and various services. They are all governed by the General Terms and Conditions of Use stipulated herein. Specific Terms and Conditions may be added to the General Terms and Conditions of Use as required.

By using the Website, the user - meaning you - acknowledges and agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions of Use set forth in this notice. The company may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The user will legally be bound to the latest version of these Terms and Conditions regarding the use of the Website, products and services.

Should a minor use the Company's products and services, the individual does so under the sole responsibility of their parents or legal representatives. Certain terms or other content contained in our services or products may shock the sensibility of certain persons, especially children. We wish to draw the attention of parents or legal representatives to this point.

In the case of non-adherence to any of these Terms and Conditions, all access privileges to the company's materials will be revoked and users will have to destroy any details in their possession and cease to use the products and services offered immediately.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property

Information, products and services presented on the Website are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws and they belong to their respective authors: the Company, its partners and the authors or their assignees who consent to present material on the Website. Unless otherwise specified, no tacit right is granted to users regarding the assignment, modification or copying, whatever the format, of the products and services of the Company. Regarding information held by the Company, authorization to create copies is granted provided that, on one hand, the copy does not affect the copyrights of the Company, its partners or the authors or their assignees who consent to present material on the Website; and that on the other hand, the use of the copy or the copy itself is not used in such a way that it brings into disrepute the Company or one of its employees, partners and the authors or their assignees who consent to present material on the Website.

Use of Personal Details

Users can consult certain parts of the Company's websites without being compelled to log in. In such a case, the Company upholds not to attempt to acquire, use, or cede any personal details concerning visitors who are not logged in.

Regarding all given details when accessing parts of the Website where this is required, or when the user decides to provide these details via online forms or mails, they shall not be used or processed before a the Terms of Use are accepted.

Anyone who can prove their identity (full name, email, address) can access, change or even destroy their personal details.

A reasonable term is allowed for the processing of the information request, modification or cancellation. Likewise, the Company won't execute any request which is expressly abusive or bearing no proof of identity.

User Obligations

The user can consult part of the Website freely. Beyond this part, access to the Company's products requires the creation of a Avatar Creations account.

The user commits not to use the Website, the products and services to infringe upon the Company's or its partners' interests.

Perpetuum Account

Perpetuum accounts are user accounts which are accessible through an account name and password to allow access to Avatar Creations' services and products.

The user commits not to reveal their login details which include the account name, password and secret answer. The user also commits to use a personal email address.

These elements should guarantee the security of an account.

Condition for a valid account

Perpetuum accounts are only valid if their use complies with the General and Specific Terms and Conditions of Use relating to the Company's websites and products. They must at least follow the rules below:

* all personal information must be correct and verifiable (full name, date of birth, postal address)

* a valid personal email address must be provided

* all sessions on the account (times, countries, internet access provider) must correspond to the normal use of a player account

The Company reserves the right to determine whether the use of an account is normal or not.

Ownership and Responsibility

Perpetuum accounts are placed at the disposal of users, but all accounts remain the property of the Company. Players only have a right to access the Company's games and services through an account placed at their disposal.

* Users uphold to not give access to any account to a third party: lending, sharing, exchanging, giving, buying and selling of accounts is therefore forbidden.

* Users must take all appropriate measures to ensure that no third party may access their account, including use without the knowledge of the holder of the account.

* Users are responsible for all activity carried out with their account.

Management of the account and personal details

Accounts and personal details can only be used and modified from the Company's website (www.perpetuum-online.com).

In no case may such manipulation be done in-game or on the forums.

Managing an account and maintaining its security implies that:

* the account is linked to a living person who can be identified by a full name and a date of birth.

* the Company can easily contact the account holder, for whatever reason, using their email address.

* the email address is personal and can therefore not be consulted by a third party.

Users have the right to access, modify or destroy any personal details, provided that they can prove their identity and therefore that the account has been created and registered in their name.

This right can be exercised by contacing Avatar Creations' support service at support@perpetuum-online.com. The Company will not entertain any abusive requests as well as requests for which no sufficient proof of identity can be given.

Furthermore, the Company commits to not share the personal details of users. Such information remains completely confidential and is not shared with or sold to other companies.

Account Creation Rules

Character names, and corporation names must at least follow the rules below, and:

* be pronounceable (for instance the word "ssdfzxjf" does not follow the rule)

* not refer to a political orientation, ethnicity or a particular community

* not be vulgar or insulting

* not contain sexual or pornographic connotations

* not contain the last name and/or the first name of the user

* not resemble nor imitate a trademark

* not resemble nor imitate the name of a game master or that of a member of the Company

The Company reserves the right to modify any account names, nicknames, character names and guild names which do not comply with the aforementioned rules. The Company may temporarily or permanently revoke account access or delete a corporation without any compensation.

Account names (or 'login') and passwords enable users to access the Company's websites, forums and games.

Account names are not visible to other players.

It is absolutely compulsory that account names are kept secret. Character names are visible to other users and character names correspond to the role played in-game by users.

Corporation names are visible to all players in-game.

Respect for other users

Any user found insulting other users or making racist remarks or any other offensive or inappropriate remarks will have their account suspended or cancelled. Likewise, according to the applicable laws, the Company may have to inform the proper authorities and/or bring civil action against such a user may there be lawsuits.

Respect for employees

Further to considerations in the previous paragraph, the Company retains the right to suspend or cancel the account of any user who insults or defames its employees publicly or otherwise. In such cases the Company will be entitled to take action against the offender.

Improper use

Users commit not to take advantage of any technical issues, be it for their benefit or the benefit of a third party, in any way whatsoever. Likewise, users commit to report immediately to the Company any technical issues or errors in the game, on the Website, the forum or any other services. The Company will prosecute offenders.

Illegal use

Users commit not to create, use or diffuse any program which is not distributed by the Company and which could be used to change the features of their account or that of a third party, in any way which may interfere with the servers or with the Company's interests.

The user commits not to profit from any elements of the Company's creations and not to promote such activities which would be damaging to the Company's rights. Solely the Company and its accredited partners may commercialize such elements.

Likewise, any use of an account that is contrary to Hungarian and international laws will lead to the automatic cancellation of the account without notice. On top of potential sanctions, the Company reserves the right to prosecute offenders. The user commits to report to the Company such activities may they come to their knowledge.

Company obligations

The Company will:

* do its utmost to ensure the smooth running of the products and services offered on the Website. This obligation does not take into account acts of God or the suspension of the Company's activity.

* cancel the personal details of a user, as long as the user follows the procedure for such a cancellation as stated in the General Terms and Conditions of Use.

Guarantees and exclusions

The Company commits itself to a due care concerning the use of the Website, the products and the services. However, the Website, products and services, as well as their descriptions, can sometimes be inaccurate, with spelling mistakes, technical or other types of errors.

In such cases, the Company can without any notice interrupt, modify and cancel data on the Website, information, products and services. These interruptions, modifications and cancellations will not entitle you to any compensation.

Unless otherwise specified by law or expressly provided for by Specific Terms and Conditions between the Company and the user, the latter acknowledges and agrees that:

* The Website, information, products and services presented are delivered as they appear to users.

* The latter's use of any Company materials relies on the user's responsibility and is made at their own risk. Regarding minors, the responsibility rests with their legal representatives.

* The Company denies any responsibility, should use not comply with these Terms and Conditions. The Company cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by improper use of the Website, information, products and services.

* No communication between the Company and the user, either written or spoken, can be considered as a guarantee if not provided for by the General or Specific Terms and Conditions of Use.

* For maintenance purposes, the Company can suspend the distribution of any of its products or services.

* The Company cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions on the part of users.

* Users, who have not subscribed to the service, can by no means demand compensation in such a case where they cannot access their account or one of the products or services of the Company.

In case of an act of God, the Company will be entitled to suspend the service without having to reimburse any users. Cases of acts of God are (amongst others and in a non exhaustive list): suspension of the Company's activities, the destruction or the loss of the game servers or the premises of the Company.

Should an account not be used for a long period of time, it can be cancelled. No compensation will be given in this case.

Should the Company discontinue any of its products or services, the Company commits to warn its subscribers and not to offer subscriptions from this date on. The product or service will still be active for 30 days. The subscriber cannot demand any reimbursement. In all other cases, the Company commits to keep the access to its products active for its subscribers.

The Company makes no guarantee regarding the use of products or services by a third party, especially but not exclusively, decompression software, independent third party players.

Likewise, concerning links from web pages or any other source to the Website but not operated by the Company as well as links contained on the Website to web pages or others operated and edited by third parties, the Company cannot be held responsible for their content should those third parties not comply with Hungarian, European or International regulations.

General Provisions

If any portion of these Terms and Conditions of Use is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, the original intention of the parties. In all cases, save that of complete cancellation, all remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.

Avatar Creations, 2009