2016-06-24 - Patch 3.7.6 - EP system upgrades

Spotlight features

EP rewards

While the system of daily EP packages remains untouched, this patch introduces new ways to acquire Extension Points on top of that. Starting immediately, the following ingame activites will grant you varying amounts of EP:

  • Destroying NPCs: depending on the rank/level of the NPC this can range from 1 to 10 EP. (Drones and rank 0 NPCs are an exception here, they give 0 EP.)
  • Mining & harvesting: similar to rare materials, you have a small chance to receive EP while your gathering modules are working. The chance is divided with the number of active modules, so it doesn't matter how many you are using. On average, this means about 1 EP per minute.
  • Production: all industrial processes that take time to complete (factory, reverse engineering, prototyping) will reward you with 1 EP per hour it takes them to complete. (We take the base duration, not modified by any time reducing extensions.)
  • Artifacts: All artifacts will reward you with 5 EP when found, regardless of level.
  • Assignments: Successful assignments will give all participating Agents 1 EP per objective, modified with the assignment level. Note that during assignments the activities listed above will still provide additional EP.
  • Intrusions: Completed intrusions will provide 120 EP for the top contributing Agent of the winning corporation, and 20 EP for all other participating Agents (on the losing sides too).

Note: Listed EP amounts are base values, not modified by EP handicapping (see below). On Beta islands the above amounts are doubled, with the exception of intrusions.

EP handicapping

EP handicapping is built upon the EP reward system, and as the name suggests, it helps those with low EP.

Specifically, we have determined a "desired" amount of EP that every Perpetuum account should have at some point in the future (currently at 3 million EP), and we compare it to the total EP on your account. (This means total EP gathered, which includes spent EP and free EP too.)

Then, we employ a bonus multiplier to the EP rewards listed above, and the less EP your account has, the higher this multiplier will be. This multiplier starts at 100 and stays at this level until your account reaches 300,000 total accumulated EP, at which point it starts to drop with every additional EP gained. It continues to drop until your account reaches 3 million total accumulated EP, where the multiplier finally reaches 1, and the above listed base EP amounts will become true.

It's important to note that EP handicapping does not affect the normal daily EP packages.

For more information and the reasons behind these new systems, please see our relevant dev blog.


  • Fix: The destruction SAP, teleport anomalies, and gates were missing their internal height parameters (used for LoS calculations). This resulted in shots targeting their very bottom, which sometimes made them hard to hit.


  • Fix: Fixed the terminal background graphics to work properly on ultrawide screen resolutions.


  • New: Added a new "EP rewards" tab to the Agent profile/Extensions panel. This lists the gathered EP rewards per activity type, accumulated daily.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Fixed a LoS calculation bug for MPC buildings, which made it impossible to hit them from above or below if the angle of fire was high enough.


  • New: Added a notification filter for Extension Point updates.
  • New: EP, NIC, and Perpetuum Credit updates will show a brief yellow flash on the numbers in the top status bar. Useful if you have notifications turned off for these updates.


  • New: Starting from today, chat channels with no active members during the last 3 months will be deleted during server downtimes.
  • Fix: Fixed wrong/missing parameters in mobile teleport infos.

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