2016-02-16 - Hotfix for 3.7.4


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where module ammunition and armor were restored to a previous state when teleporting.
  • Change: Removing a module at a field terminal is not allowed anymore if that would create an overloaded CPU or reactor (e.g. removing a coprocessor or coreactor).
  • Fix: If you encountered any error when equipping modules at a field terminal, module CPU/reactor usages were reset to their unmodified values, which most of the time created an overloaded robot.


  • Change: Assignment participants leaving the squad before the assignment completes won't receive their share of the rewards anymore.
  • New: Assignment completion window now shows "number of initial squad members / number of participants" in the squad rewards line.
  • Change: Modified the NIC reward component for the following objective types (and consequently the average payout for the assignments that include them):
Reduced: destroy, harvest
Increased: mine, submit item, mass produce, reverse engineer


  • Fix: Chat channel banning of offline characters was not working.

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