2016-02-01 - 3.7.3 Patch notes - Token shop upgrades

Spotlight features

Token shop upgrades

This patch brings the long-awaited upgrades to the token shop, otherwise known as Syndicate Supplies:

  • Added T2+ and T4+ items for direct purchase
  • Added special faction robots commonly known as "black robots"
  • Added new requisition slip items

As previously announced, in order to minimize the impact of the current stocks of faction tokens in the game (which were sometimes acquired using certain shortcuts in the past...), we have applied a one-time 10x inflation to both the existing token shop prices and the assignment token reward amounts.

Requisition slips

Requisition slips

"From time to time the Syndicate does a sweep of its vast storages and hands out excess items to their hard-working Agents.

By purchasing and activating a requisition slip you can claim one of those items. The catch is that they don't really have an exact listing of their inventory, so what you get in the end can be a bit... random."

We have requisition slips representing each faction’s technology: Pelistal, Nuimqol, Thelodica, Industrial, and Common. These correspond to the technology pages in the research facility, so you can refer to those if you would like to know what modules you can get from a slip.

Furthermore, each faction has 3 quality levels, making up a total of 15 different slips:

  • Bronze: includes T1, T2, and T3 modules
  • Silver: includes T2, T2+, and T3 modules
  • Gold: includes T3, T4, and T4+ modules

For more details please see our relevant blog post: http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/2016-01-31-token-shop-upgrades/


  • Change: Removed positive speed modifiers from NPCs. (Meaning they should only move as fast as their base speed and equipment allows.)
  • Fix: The Lithus, Scarab, and their Mk2 and prototype variants did not occupy any space in cargos and containers.
  • Fix: It was possible to overload your robot's CPU and reactor at a field terminal.
  • Fix: Moving a robot between storage containers while the equip window was open was resetting the values in the equip window.
  • Fix: Moving a robot to a corporation storage will now close the equip window if open.
  • Fix: The geoscanner module didn't show any results when using it directly after equipping it at a field terminal.


  • Fix: Trying to use the last item of a stack in a container for reverse engineering resulted in an error.


  • Fix: Depositing NIC to a corporation account falsely made a negative entry in the corporation transaction log instead of a positive. (Note: the fix doesn't affect already existing log entries.)

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Emergency timers, building energy states, and possibly other colony-related data were not properly saved during a server restart. Note that since the fix can be only applied after the server goes down, these issues might happen again, but hopefully for the last time.
  • Fix: Possible fix for not being able to deconstruct some depleted energy wells.
  • Fix: Turrets will now attack a robot that teleports into their range but doesn't move. (After the protection timer ends.)


  • New: Assignment rewards (and penalties) will now only affect those characters in a squad who actively contributed to the assignment in some way. This mostly means contributing to, or completing an objective, but in the case of NPC targets a simple locking should be enough to become a participant. NOTE: This change has been deployed already on 2015-12-28 but there were no patch notes. The assignment participants feature will be further improved soon.
  • Fix: Assignment token rewards were less than we intended (assignmentlevel*1). The proper amounts now are from level 0 to 6: 10, 20, 40, 70, 120, 200, 310. (After the above mentioned 10x inflation.)
  • New: Implemented a minimum relation limit to the Syndicate Supplies shop for purchasing some items.
  • New: Added an additional NIC cost to some items in the Syndicate Supplies shop.
  • Fix: Completed assignments were not cleared for squad members who didn't take part in them.
  • Fix: Possible fix for occasional early timeout of assignments.
  • Fix: Fixed the level scaling of quantities in the assignment "Damage control".
  • Fix: Toast notification and objective window popup was broken when accepting a new assignment.


  • Change: Faction tokens have been moved under the "Syndicate items" category.
  • Change: Faction token market orders have been cancelled during the patch to prevent abuse due to the 10x token inflation.


  • New: Added an information button for the items in Syndicate Supplies.
  • New: Added a notification bubble when you have items available to redeem on your account.


  • Fix: Removed teleport anomalies from the training zone.
  • Fix: Trying to activate an ICE when you had a negative credit balance resulted in an error.
  • Fix: Chat blocking in public channels was broken.

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