2015-12-02 - 3.7.1 Patch notes


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where officer and elite type NPCs have already spawned on the first wave when using a TAP.
  • Change: Increased the HP of the teleport anomaly echo becasue the explosion of the last NPC from an anomaly could destroy it immediately on spawning.
  • Change: Relocated some red NPC spawns on betas that were camping teleports.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Packed robots had no volume in cargos and containers.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where your own corporation and its members were shown with negative relations.

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: CEOs, Deputy CEOs, PR and HR managers now receive operator status in gamma terminal channels, and are able to change the topic.


  • Fix: Internal corporation orders and orders using the corporation balance are now automatically cancelled when the order's owner leaves the corporation. There were more than 200 such broken orders on the market which couldn't be used anymore, these have now been cancelled.


  • New: Added landmark/terrain filter for teleport anomalies.


  • New: Added keybinds to options/keyboard for moving the camera.

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