2015-08-21 - 3.6.6 Patch notes


  • Change: The deployment of distress beacons has been temporarily disabled until we introduce our new system for them outlined in the roadmap blog.
  • Change: Removed the mechanic where NPCs didn't drop loot if they died from another NPC's explosion damage.
  • Change: Removed the NPC teleporting mechanic. If they can't reach their target, NPCs will now head back to their home location.
  • Fix: The field container deployment limit timer will not apply to unsuccessful deployments anymore.
  • Fix: Interference was not cleared from robots after an interference emitter was destroyed.
  • Fix: Fixed a crash when moving items between a field container and a field terminal equip window. Moving items between field terminal storages/equip and a field container is currently not possible and will throw an error message.
  • Fix: Field container security code inputs were broken and allowed to write more than 4 digits.


  • New: Added an option to turn off assignment success windows into the options/gameplay tab.
  • Fix: Fixed an error when trying to open item delivery structures with no active assignment connected to them.


  • Fix: The corp vs corp relation setting toast message will now be sent properly to the subject corporation.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Change: Command relays can now be deployed to the red terraform protected areas.


  • Fix: Prototype robots were missing their 'P' icons.


  • Fix: There were some nasty audio channel leaks when opening and closing the options panel (possibly in some other situations too), which could cause disappearing sounds over time.

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