2015-06-16 - 3.6.1 Patch notes


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with reloading modules.


  • Fix: Intrusions should be working again. (The ones that did not start won't have any effect.)


  • Fix: Fixed an issue when assignments did not end after all objectives have been completed.
  • Fix: Relocated an item supply structure on New Virginia that was in an unreachable spot.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue in assignments where you had to deliver more items than what you needed to produce.


  • Fix: Possible fix for random sound dropouts.

Hotfix updates

  • Fix: Module auto-reload got stuck in a loop which resulted in all kinds of weird issues (besides making the modules unusable).
  • Fix: Reloading won't try to take out the remaining ammo into your cargo, just properly top up the module.
  • Fix: Stopping effect-type modules (shields, sensor amplifiers, NEXUS, and so on) will now properly wait for the end of the cycle cooldown before removing their effects.
  • Fix: Assignment return teleports won't be given to squad members who are not on the island where the assignment takes place.
  • Fix: Some of the random assignment CTs could not be produced.

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