2014-12-18 - 3.5.6 Patch notes - ICE returns

Spotlight features

ICE returns

ICE (Instant Credit Extender) has been re-introduced and is available for purchase on our website store, or in the ingame store when using the Steam client.

Just like a normal credit pack, ICE can add 2400 credits to your account. The difference is that ICE is an ingame item, that you can trade or sell to other players for ingame money or goods. After your purchase you can redeem this item when you log into the game and click on the redeem icon in any terminal.

New 200 PC credit pack

A new, smaller credit pack of 200 PC is now also available for purchase. This should be useful for those who just need a few credits for extension downgrades, and don't want to purchase a larger pack.

Winter sale

All products are 33% off for the duration of the Steam Winter sale!


  • Fix: Module information windows were showing unmodified values when the modules were equipped using a preset.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Increased the mass of all prototype armor plates to bring them in line with other module prototypes. (Prototypes are supposed to be only 25% lighter than normal variants.)


  • Fix: Fixed missing NPC spawn for "Baal / File #1".


  • New: Added packet statistics into the profiler window.

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