2014-12-12 - 3.5.5 Patch notes


  • Fix: Roaming NPCs should be properly roaming again.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Slightly increased the accumulator capacity of Intakt and Cameleon (including all variants).
  • Change: Increased the armor of Intakt, Cameleon, and Troiar (including all variants).
  • Change: Increased the accumulator usage of S-demobilizers.
  • Change: Changed the optimal range robot bonus of combat assaults to faction-specific weapon optimal range bonuses.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: The destruction process of a gamma terminal did not complete properly if there was a spark teleport target in it.


  • Change: "Markets in range" tab has been renamed to "Remote markets".


  • New: The maximum time an account can be continuously online is now limited to 24 hours. After 24 hours the account is automatically disconnected, but you can of course log in immediatelly again. There are warnings for this 30 and 5 minutes before it happens. (This shouldn't affect too many of you, but it is needed due to technical reasons.)
  • Change: Reduced the global amount of trees on islands. (We have chopped down some trees manually, but it might take some time until this change takes full effect, considering the rules of plant growth and death.)

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