2014-11-14 - 3.5.4 Patch notes - Robot rebalancing

Spotlight features

Robot rebalancing

This patch brings a rather large balance package that affects nearly all robots in the game. The main goals of these changes are to considerably boost light and assault robots, to push robots more towards their intended roles, and to reduce the large difference between high-level veteran players and less fortunate newbies.

The details and all the changes are listed in this devblog: http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/2014-11-14-patch-3-5-4-robot-rebalancing/

Special note: Due to the chassis slot changes for the Baphomet and Waspish, modules will be removed from the affected slots and placed into the storage where the robots currently are. If the robot is currently on the terrain then the modules will be placed into the last visited terminal.


  • Fix: The auto unstack feature introduced in the last patch should now work on the terrain too.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Signal detection and masking modification works now additively instead of being percentage-based. This affects modules, extensions, outpost and gamma auras, and robot bonuses.
  • Change: Increased the mass difference between short range and long range magnetic weapons/lasers from 10% to 30%.
  • Change: Slightly reduced the damage of small and medium bullets.
  • Fix: Fixed double mass parameter in robot informations.
  • Fix: The effects of auras were sometimes not visible on the information window parameters, but this was only a display problem as the effects were actually applied.


  • New: Added the "Combat robot specialist" extension which is now required for all combat robots, and controls the combat role robot bonuses.
  • New: Added the "Industrial robot specialist" extension which is now required for all industrial robots, and controls the industrial role robot bonuses.
  • New: The above two extensions are also starter extensions, so every existing character gets these on level 1 during the patch.
  • New: Added the "Hi-tech robot specialist" extension which is now required for all Mk2 robots (except the Arkhe Mk2), and controls the special Mk2 robot bonuses.
  • Change: "Spec. ops. robot control" extension has been renamed to "Electronic warfare specialist".


  • Change: Increased the manufacturing unit of energy cells (laser ammo) from 1000 to 1250. (This means that one production batch will create more ammo from the same amount of materials.)


  • New: Added sorting to the bonus tab of robot information windows.

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