2014-10-31 - 3.5.3 Patch notes


  • New: When moving an item stack to your cargo, the unstack window will automatically pop up if the stack doesn't fit fully and offer you the item number/volume that will still fit.
  • New: When doing tile-based mineral scans, there is now a manual "heatmap limit" slider that you can use to adjust the maximum value of the result (ie. what mineral amount the red color should represent). This helps with the visibility of near-depleted tiles and you can also get a better grasp of the density distribution of fields.
  • Fix: The multiplier that triples the duration of the molecular instability effect when the PvP flag is active worked only sporadically. We have fixed this, but note that molecular instability will now only start once you gain control of your robot after teleporting. (Previously it started as soon as your robot appeared on the terrain, not waiting for your client to load.)


  • Change: Outpost owners now have to complete their own intrusion events in order to increase stability.
  • Change: Intrusion events that are not completed by anyone will not affect stability, they will not drop loot, and they won't show up in the intrusion event log.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Change: Removed the the rule that limited the maximum number of terminals to 3 on each gamma island. Note that the rule that limits a corporation having a maximum of 3 terminals on an island still remains.


  • Change: Achievements won't be triggered anymore during the tutorial phase.

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