Update news for 2014-07-02

Spotlight features

Twitch streaming

Native Twitch video streaming is now available from the Perpetuum client. In order to use it, you must first connect your Twitch account to your Perpetuum account here. (Those who did this in the past must do it again, cause we had to reset them for the release.)

Then, set up a client hotkey for it in the Options/Keyboard panel, check your streaming settings under the new Options/Twitch panel, and you're good to go!

If you're into watching only, we're listing any ongoing live streams on the Perpetuum website.


  • New: Your equipped chassis modules are now automatically assigned into groups if they are of the same type. The numbers of the assigned groups are shown in the top right corner of the module buttons. Pressing the hotkey for a module group will activate/deactivate them all. The default hotkey is ctrl+number, you can change this under Options/Keyboard.
  • Fix: Rookie checklist tasks were not triggering when you activated industrial modules with the space key.
  • Fix: Blocked and pending friends are not displayed anymore in the waypoint sending menu.
  • Change: Removed the rename option from Syn-tec containers as you are not allowed to rename them anyway.
  • Fix: Squad options were missing from the right-click menu of your own Agent.


  • Fix: Secondary column sorting was not working properly in the factory.

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