Update news for 2014-06-16 - Server move

This downtime happened mainly because we changed our servers' location from Budapest to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the major hubs of Transatlantic networking, so players from Europe and America (and basically all around the world) should notice a much more stable connection and less lag.

See our relevant blog post: http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/2014-06-14-movin-movin-cruisin-cruisin/


  • Fix: Fixed faulty blocking check in robot movement.


  • Change: Slight objective changes in "Calypso - I", "Babel - I", and "Osman - I".
  • Fix: Wrong objective order in "Bellerophon III".


  • Fix: Synsec (transport) containers could not be stacked even when packed.

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