Update news for 2014-05-14


  • New: Shift-click autopilot now also works when doing it on the world map.
  • New: Selecting waypoints on the terrain now selects their terrain tile so you can use approach/autopilot on them this way.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Fixed NPC colors being all white.


  • Change: The delete calibration option on factory lines is now only present when efficiency is 0.


  • Fix: Fixed column sorting issues in the private transport assignments window.
  • Fix: Wrong objective ranges in Siren - III sometimes made it impossible to finish.


  • Fix: Corporation market orders were publicly visible.
  • New: Added total NIC sum display for your own adverts.
  • New: Your own market adverts are now shown in italic.


  • New: Added search-as-you-type function to storage windows.
  • New: Added nick autocomplete to the chat. (Start typing a name, press tab key, magic happens.)
  • New: Creating a waypoint on the world map is now possible by right-clicking any point.
  • Fix: Possible fix for zone queues getting stuck.
  • New: CSV export is now available for storage windows and factory production lines. (Hold shift, click the appearing disk button.)

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