Update news for 2014-05-06


  • New: Brand new autopilot routine: it should not stop anymore randomly, and you're now able to pick a very distant location on the island and it should take you there without any interruptions. (The route is displayed now on the radar with a yellow line.) Autopilot now also works when selecting a building and clicking approach on it.
  • New: Selecting a member in the squad window will now also select it on the terrain.
  • New: Drawing and pinging on the radar has now different colors for squad leaders (red), secondary leaders (cyan), and normal members (white).
  • New: Deploying a field container to the terrain now invokes a 1 minute cooldown before you can deploy another.
  • New: The activate all modules with the space button method now also works for miners and harvesters.

Robots and modules

  • New: Added a "Preset" button to the robot equip window which opens up a panel where you can save your robot's current loadout and apply it again at a later time. Of course you need to have the modules included in the preset available in your private storage for this. You can also send saved presets to your friends. (This function is still kind of beta, so things may break - please report findings.)


  • Fix: Fixed random "x thousand days" EP booster expiration display when there is no active booster.


  • Change: Reduced the volume of all commodities by about 40-60%.


  • Change: Removed area-based geoscanner charges from the market, as they became sort of obsolete. (Existing charges will still work.)


  • Fix: Fixed training assignments not giving relation rewards.


  • New: CT efficiency points are now shown on their icons in storages.
  • New: Tier levels are now shown on modules in the equipment window.


  • New: Added profanity filter. (Can be turned off in the gameplay options.)
  • Fix: Fixed various issues with characters getting stuck in corporation/terminal/squad chat channels.
  • Fix: Multiple errors of the same issue will not be sent anymore. (For example when you try to put many items into a full cargo, you will get the cargo full message only once instead of for each item.)

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