Update news for 2014-04-14

NOTE: If you have problems running the game after this update, please run it as administrator. We have fixed this issue, so this is the last time this should happen.


  • New: Opening a code-protected field container will now deny access for you indefinitely after 3 failed tries. Note: trying to open the container already counts as a try, even if you don't enter a code.
  • Fix: Aggressive (red) NPCs will not attack passive bystanders anymore if the player that they agressed first is reachable for them.
  • Fix: Beta islands had a number of passive (orange) random NPC spawns. This was not intended and they have been changed to aggressive (red).
  • Change: All assignment-related NPCs have been changed to passive (orange), on all islands.
  • Change: Mobile teleports cannot be used anymore with an active PvP flag.
  • Fix: It's not possible anymore to delete a terminal container, a storage folder, or a robot that's not empty.


  • Fix: Operation Rejuvenate - Mission 6: the last 2 objectives were there by mistake and have been removed.
  • Fix: Granada / File #1 and Amorph / File #1 were asking to scan for a mineral that can't be found on the island.

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