Update news for 2014-04-08

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Possible fix for robots not appearing on terrain.


  • Fix: Removed the downgrade limitation warning when upgrading from level 6 to 7 as there is no such limitation anymore.


  • Fix: The private transport assignment submission window falsely included the Virtual Training Island as a destination.

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: Added gamma reimbursement target location selectors. If you have items in gamma terminals, you can use these dropdowns to select a terminal where you would like us to move your gamma items during the incoming gamma reset. If you don't set a target, we will use the Truhold-Markson Alpha terminal as the default target.

For individual characters (regarding private storages in gamma terminals) this setting can be found in the Agent profile window's main page.

For corporations (regarding corporation storages in gamma terminals and the buildings themselves) this setting is in the Corporation management window's main page. For corporations you also have to select a member of the corporation who will get the items transferred to his/her private storage in the selected target terminal (due to technical reasons we can't transfer the items into a corp storage). Only CEOs and Deputy CEOs can modify these settings, and only they can be set as target members. If you don't set a member we will use the CEO as the default.


  • Fix: It was possible to change the password of a chat channel without an operator status.
  • Fix: Fixed characters that had an extra corporation chat channel.

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