Update news for 2014-04-02 - The end of subscriptions

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The end of subscriptions

As announced in our relevant devblog, we have dropped our subscription model in favor of a buy-once-play-forever model. All accounts that had at least 3 months of game time ever have been converted today to a lifetime account. Those who had any extra months of subscription (beyond the three months that are used for the lifetime conversion) received the appropriate amount of compensation in the form of Perpetuum Credits. Unredeemed ICE items have also been converted to credits and added to the owner's account.

New accounts and accounts that had less than 3 months of game time will need to purchase the game in our store to play.

In anticipation of the influx of new players, we have suspended our 15-day trial and free reactivation options.

EP system changes

We have changed the method of how your accounts accumulate Extension Points. Instead of receiving 1 EP per minute, you get daily packages of EP. Normally this is 1440 EP (so the amount is the same like so far, 24*60), and with an active EP booster it's 2160 EP. The distribution of the daily EP packages happens at a fixed time of day, which is currently 8:00 server time (which currently means CEST time zone).

Accounts that do not have an active EP booster accumulate EP for 3 days after the last logout. After that, EP accumulation stops until the next login. Accounts with an active EP booster do not have to worry about this as they will receive the increased daily EP packages regardless of logging in or not.

Perpetuum Credits

Perpetuum Credits can be purchased in our website store. Multiple packages are available, with more-credits-for-your-bucks rates if you buy the larger ones.

Credits can be spent in the game on the following convenience items, with more to come in the future:

  • EP booster: Increases the amount of daily EP received by 50% for 30 days, from 1440 to 2160 EP. It also allows you to miss more than 3 days to log in, and gives you the daily packages regardless, as long as it is active. One EP booster can be purchased for 2400 PC at the bottom of the extensions panel in your Agent profle. You can purchase multiple boosters, they will extend your current booster expiration time.
  • Extension downgrade: You can downgrade any extension level with the exception of starting levels by using the downgrade buttons next to the upgrade buttons. The cost of downgrading is proportional to the refunded EP, so it depends on the downgraded level and the extension complexity too. (You can calculate the credit cost if you divide the refunded EP amount by 60.)
  • Character renaming: The button is available on your profile panel and it costs 2400 PC. To avoid abuse, your past names will be visible in your public profile window. Note: past character names are not free to take as long as the character is active. Only after the character is deleted (plus 24 hours) can they be reused on other accounts too.
  • Corporation renaming: The button is available in the corporation management profile window and it costs 7200 PC. You can change the name as well as the short ID/ticker of your corporation. Only CEOs and Deputy CEOs can do this. Just like in the case of characters, past corporation names are visible in the public profile window.


  • New: From now on your robot will be automatically repaired when you enter a terminal.
  • New: The approach function will not work anymore on targets you have locked, targets with an active PvP flag, or when you have a PvP flag. An approach in progress will be also aborted if any of the mentioned events are triggered.
  • Fix: NPCs should not teleport around and go suicide on you without a very good reason.
  • Fix: Missile line-of-sight was not working as intended.


  • Fix: The error that you get when you try to downgrade an extension below the minimum prerequisite level for another extension will now state the other extension in question.


  • Fix: Posting a comment on a corporation bulletin falsely attributed the comment to the original poster in the event notification.


  • Fix: Text selection was missing some characters at the beginning or end of lines.


  • Fix: Possible fix for sound effect volume issues.


  • Fix: Opening certain game windows with their assigned hotkeys caused a crash.
  • Fix: Chat blocking was broken in public channels.
  • Fix: Characters exiting the virtual training zone were not removed from the Freelancer chat channel and not added to their starter corporation's channel. The bug has been fixed but we still need to clean up the affected characters' channels.

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