Update news for 2013-12-14


  • Fix: The owner of deployed proximity probes was the player who deployed them instead of their corporation (this caused relation issues). Also fixed extisting probes on the terrain.
  • Fix: The missile guidance accuracy parameter had a very low value for some NPC types (mostly observers and beacon officers).
  • Fix: Fixed a lot of distress beacon NPC pools (wrong rank, missing elites).
  • Fix: The Praetorian Captain distress beacon (3 stripe) used the NPC pool of the Praetorian Corporal beacon (2 stripe).


  • Change: Removed the 3 plant-specific intensive harvesting extensions and reimbursed EP and NIC for them.
  • Change: Increased the bonus of the Basic intensive harvesting extension from 2% to 3% per level.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Destroyed MPC buildings have left their terraform blocking area on the terrain. The bug has been fixed and the leftovers have been cleaned up.


  • Fix: Removed old kernels from the market and Syndicate Supplies. Old kernels have been converted again to new ones for those who made the mistake of buying them.

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