Update news for 2013-11-27


  • Change: The inability to deploy field devices under syndicate protection has been moved over to molecular instability.
  • Fix: Closed gamma teleports can be opened again.
  • Fix: Fixed Mk2 CTs dropping only with 50/50 points in artifact loot.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where assignments with multiple delivery objectives gave rewards more than once.
  • Fix: Fixed artifact names in "Tango - III", "Pompadour - III", and "Siren - III".
  • Fix: Fixed objective order in "Delaware - II".


  • Change: The armor of the destruction SAP has been increased from 10,000 HP to 30,000 HP and its surface hit size has been reduced from 20m to 6m.


  • New: Added a new type column into the factory so you can now sort your production lines by type too.
  • Fix: The terrain assignment window scroll position won't reset anymore after every objective update.
  • Fix: The icons of mobile teleports were stuck on the map after the teleports have already disappeared.

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