Update news for 2013-11-13


  • Fix: It was possible to unpack a robot in another robot's cargo, which produced broken robots. The bug has been fixed and the broken robots have been packed again. (Nevermind if you see the damage icon on them, unpacking will fix that.)

Robots and modules

  • Change: Removed the extension requirements for the R-10 artifact scan charge.


  • Fix: 0/0 efficiency CTs received extra points when they were extracted from a production line.


  • Fix: Starting a new corporation bulletin didn't work.


  • Fix: Nebula III: removed the radius check from objectives B-C.
  • Fix: Bellerophon II: wrong objective order.
  • Fix: Demigod / File #2: Stermonite scanning objective changed to titan.


  • Fix: Possible fix for the chat freezing issues.
  • Fix: The toggle to change whether you accept trade requests was broken.

Known issues

  • Closed gamma teleports can not be opened due to a bug.

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