Update news for 2013-08-23


  • Change: It is now possible to use fixed teleports leading to other islands with an active PvP flag. When you do this, the molecular instability timer you get on the other side will be three times as long as it is normally (20->60 secs). Note: It is still not possible to use an interzone teleport beacon with an active PvP flag.
  • Fix: The direct trade window will now show an error if you try to drag in a non-packed robot.


  • Change: Items in the knowledgebase that you could unlock by having enough RP and its parents unlocked will now be indicated as unavailable (darker) if you lack the required extension for its column (to be clear, this is a visual change only).


  • Fix: A CEO change event message was incorrectly sent out if only the delegate role of the CEO was modified.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Possible fix for turrets getting stuck and not firing anymore.
  • Change: It's not possible anymore to break ANY building connection if the network has any building in emergency phase. (Adding buildings to the network is possible.)
  • Change: It's not possible anymore to change the emergency phase's offset time if the network has any building in emergency phase.
  • Change: It's not possible anymore to bring a building in emergency phase offline, and therefore deconstruct it. (Onlining is possible.)
  • New: The colony management interface will now indicate emergency phase on buildings (red triangle icon).
  • Fix: The building information panel in the colony management interface will be now properly updated when you select a building on the terrain and not in the interface.


  • Fix: Industrial training III assignments still gave out old kernels as a reward. This has been fixed and currently existing old kernels have been converted again to new ones.

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