Update news for 2013-07-18 - New research system / Prototype robots

Spotlight features

New research system

A tech tree in the new knowledgebase

This patch brings a complete revamp to the kernel research system. Acquiring and researching kernels happens the same way as before, however you won't get random technology results anymore. Instead you get Research Points (RP) from kernels, which are added to your RP pool. RP can be then spent to unlock items of your choosing using the new tech trees in the Research window.

Additionally to your personal knowledgebase of technology, it is also possible now to gather technology in a separate corporation knowledgebase. Items unlocked in the corporation knowledgebase can be used for prototyping by every corporation member, provided they have the necessary access. RP can't be gained directly into the corporation pool, members need to donate points from their personal pool instead. Beware that this is a one way process, RP can't be gained back in any way once they have been donated to the corp.

Items unlocked in both your personal and the corporation knowledgebase will provide special production bonuses:

  • Prototyping: halves the material requirements (so a 5x material multiplier instead of the normal 10x)
  • Factory: +50 points material efficiency bonus

We have also introduced 6 new research extensions, for each type of technology (Common, Nuimqol, Pelistal, Thelodica, Nian Industrial Trust, and Modular Private Colonies). The tech trees in the knowledgebase are laid onto a 10-column grid, and each level of a research extension will allow you to unlock items in that column for the relevant rechnology (e.g. Research: Nuimqol technology level 4 enables unlocking items in column 4 of the Nuimqol tech tree).

Kernel changes

The new research system also comes with new types of kernels. The previous system of 99 types of different kernels has been reduced to have only 6 of them. NPCs will now drop multiple amounts and types of kernels instead of just a single one, and with 100% chance (the amount dropped is random however). Currently existing old kernels have been converted to new ones. The new kernels can be found under the "industrial implements" category on the market. Also, structure kernels can't be acquired anymore, since in the new system buildings are using the same kernels like other items too. (Existing structure kernels have been also converted of course.)

Prototype robots

Prototype robots

We’re introducing prototype variants for all standard robots, so it'll no longer be possible to reverse engineer a standard robot. In order to produce a standard robot CT, you have to unlock it in your knowledgebase, produce a prototype variant of it in the prototype facility, and then reverse engineer it. All prototype robots roll out with pure white paint. Prototype robots receive a few bonuses over their standard counterparts:

  • +1% to CPU and reactor performance
  • +10% to sensor strength
  • 10 seconds base locking time instead of 12.5 seconds

For more information on the new system please refer to the developer blog or the ingame help (work in progress).


  • New: The combat log will now display killing blow entries.
  • New: Added new right-click information options to modules in the equip window.
  • Fix: Cancelling a robot insurance did not update the list of active insurances.
  • Fix: Renaming and adding new users to proximity probes should work again.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Fixed black screen when using borderless window mode.


  • Change: The old "Research" extension has been removed from the game, NIC and EP has been reimbursed.
  • Change: The "Factory: Material efficiency" I-II-III extensions' bonuses have been rebalanced to give 4-4-4 points per level instead of 5-4-3.
  • Change: Downgrading an extension is now possible even when that extension is a prerequisite of another installed extension. The depending extension however can't be upgraded until the parent extension is not on the required level.


  • Fix: The component list of non-prototype items won't list fragments anymore.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Building placement and validation against terrain should work now as intended. Previously it was possible to place some buildings where parts of it would be over uneven terrain. This change only affects newly placed buildings, currently existing buildings are not affected in any way.


  • New: Small UI improvements in the corporation management/members section.
  • Fix: The quantity column on the market is now sorted correctly.
  • Fix: The EP column in your extension history is now sorted correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed the default sorting in corporation management/storages.


  • New: "Developers only" server status will be displayed and updated in real-time on the login screen, no need to hammer the login anymore.
  • Fix: Trying to log in with an expired account should now give a proper error message again, instead of server error.

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