Update news for 2013-05-17


  • New: The owner/deployer of plasma bombs is now carried through damage mechanics, and will now work properly in killmails and intrusions.
  • Change: Modules activated on a primary target will now automatically shut down if you change your primary target.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: The distance limit calculation when placing buildings has been changed from 2D to 3D (beeline), so it should be correct even in case of large altitude differences. (e.g. the distance limit from teleports, when the teleport is much lower and you're trying to deploy a building on a high mountain)
  • Fix: Robots in MPC terminal loots dropped unpacked and could not be looted.


  • Change: The price of the armored teleport beacon has been increased from 250,000 NIC to 1,000,000 NIC.


  • New: Killmails now include various EW attacks: in the case of demobilizer and sensor suppressors this means number of module cycles, for ECM it's successful cycles/total cycles, and for energy drainers and neutralizers it's the combined energy amount. Of course these are now included in the API as well.
  • Fix: Various server-side optimizations.

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