Update news for 2013-03-22

Note: a few of these fixes have been already deployed earlier in some client updates, but there wasn't any changelog at that time, so they are included here for completeness.


  • New: Field devices and containers deployed by you or your squad are now marked with extra icons for easier identification.
  • New: Containers on the terrain are now constantly stored and updated in the SQL-database (previously they were only stored in server memory). This also means that containers and their content will now survive a server restart, however looting can be now a little bit slower than before due to the database transactions. (The deployed containers' operational time will be paused during a downtime, and will start from zero again once the server is up. Of course this will be only effective during the next downtime, since we're patching it now.)
  • New: Introduced a progress bar and window dimming for field container transactions. This is useful for moving extremely large numbers of item stacks and also helps to prevent situations where two players try to grab the same item from a container and one of them gets an item not found error.
  • New: If geoscanning results are globally turned off on the map, the checkboxes under the geoscan result folders will be disabled and they will tell you in a tooltip where to turn it on.
  • Change: The previously alpha-only distress beacon rule where you are not allowed to deploy one within 500m of another has been changed and extended for beta and gamma islands: now you can only deploy up to 3 distress beacons within a 500m radius, on all islands.
  • Fix: ICE was not displayed in remote storage listing.
  • Fix: Removed unusable squad options from Agents who are not a member of your squad.
  • New: Added a confirmation when deleting a terraforming project.
  • Fix: There were some inconsistencies among the NPC roaming caravan members, now all islands should have the same numbers and ranks.
  • Fix: The empty robot function was not available on the active robot.
  • New: The robot cargo window is now automatically closed when the robot is repackaged.
  • Change: Reduced the no-deploy radius of mobile teleport beacons from 1000m to 500m, but now the rule also applies to fixed teleport stations, beside terminals and other teleport beacons.
  • New: Deploying items is not possible anymore while under Syndicate protection.
  • Change: The no-deploy radius for terraforming beacons uses now a fixed 250m range.

Robots and modules

  • Change: CPU and reactor values are now displayed with 2 decimal precision in information windows and the equip window. (Note: There has been some confusion regarding this after our last patch, where some players suddenly found that their robot configuration that has worked so far, was now over the CPU/reactor limit by some tenths. Those configurations were actually really over the limit before the patch too, but the check when undocking did not work correctly as it allowed you to deploy with up to +1.00 cpu or reactor. And the reason that this was not obvious is because the equip window was rounding down.)
  • Change: Reduced the CPU/reactor usage of the T2+ light EM-gun to 22/26 to bring it in line with other T2+ weapons.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Added missing text and icons for MPC turret modules.
  • Fix: Added missing text and icons for MPC booster effects.
  • Fix: The optimal range modification part of a booster node's turret sensor boosting effect did not work for missile turrets.
  • Fix: Fixed a market bug on gamma terminals where some orders were not visible. This also ties into the missing NPC buy orders for plasma - they were there all the time, you just couldn't see them.
  • Change: Deconstructing a gamma terminal will now drop all the items left inside with 100% chance (CTs are still an exception).
  • Change: The "emergency phases left" counter is now updated at the start of an emergency phase, instead of at the end of it. So now when it shows 0, you'll know there won't be any phases after this.
  • Fix: Building plan icons in the colony management interface could occasionally get stuck to the mouse cursor.


  • Fix: The production assignments Horus - III, Monolith - III, and Nibelung - III asked for more end products than the provided components allowed and could not be completed.


  • Change: The market order duration options have been changed from 1-3-7-14-30 days to 1-10-30-90-180 days. The transaction fee is based on time, so that will increase accordingly.
  • Fix: Fixed another rare bug where items could get lost if you tried to sell only a part of a stack but the buy order has been filled while the sell window was open.


  • Change: The modules panel handlebar is now visible even when you have no modules equipped.
  • New: The right-click ammo change list is now sorted by type and name.


  • New: Vicinity chat is now logged by the client into a designated folder in the game directory.
  • Fix: Log files are now only created if there is actual content to be written, to avoid 0-byte files.
  • Fix: Certain bbcode tags posted into chat have crashed the client.
  • New: The chat will now tell you if you're trying to write to someone who has blocked you. (This message has a higher priority than the offline notification.)
  • New: Online/offline messages are now also shown in private chat.

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