Update news for 2013-02-12


  • Change: Tile-based scanning results will immediately appear on the terrain when scanning, it's not necessary to upload them anymore. (The upload option is still there of course.)
  • Fix: Occasional blurry scanning map when doing directional scans.
  • Fix: The sorting of armor and accumulator status in the squad window will now work based on percentages instead of absolute values.
  • New: Offline/out of range squad members will now always get sorted to the end of the member list.
  • New: Added the disband/leave squad options into the context menu of other squad members, the squad window header, and the squad chat channel tab too.
  • Fix: Spark teleports could be used even when you didn't have the necessary extension level.
  • Change: The cargo window of a robot will be automatically closed now if the robot is moved to a corporation storage.


  • New: Added a warning when you want to upgrade an extension which is a prerequirement for another installed extension, stating that if you upgrade it, you won't be able to downgrade anymore.
  • Fix: Added the following missing extension prerequirements:
Basic intensive mining 5 for Intensive silgium exploitation
Extensive mining 5 for Extensive silgium exploitation
Intensive epriton mining 5 for Intensive colixum exploitation
Extensive epriton mining 5 for Extensive colixum exploitation

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: The colony log will now show all buildings that lost or gained ownership indirectly during a connection change.
  • Fix: Emergency phases sometimes didn't get logged in the colony management log.
  • Fix: Command relay buildings had a "fake" emergency shield visual effect when they were shot below 50%.


  • Fix: The number of memory-related client crashes should be considerably reduced. (entering terminals, teleporting, opening the map, etc.)
  • New: Added an options button to the login screen.
  • New: The confirmation that appears when you want to close the game while on the terrain will now warn you that this can be dangerous for your robot and to use safe logout instead.
  • New: Added a "Banning..." button to the chat channel management window which can be used to ban anyone from the channel by their name, even offline players.

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