Update news for 2012-11-30 - 2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary events

Anniversary sparks

You again have the opportunity to unlock one of the "golden" Niani sparks. The associated assignments are called "Ancient data recovery", and are available at the main terminals of Hershfield, Tellesis, and Shinjalar. These assignments ask you to look for an artifact on the area of the whole island, and gather 3 Ancient data consoles from those artifacts. Unlocking a spark requires 3 of these consoles, so this means you will need to complete all 3 assignments on the 3 islands.

Treasure hunt

Artifact scanners are also picking up "Strange signals" throughout all islands. These artifacts contain one Alien Improbability Device, and one Guardian Commander distress beacon. Deploying this beacon will call forth a Guardian Commander of one of the three factions. The difficulty level and loot is almost the same as for normal rank3 commander-class NPCs, so you have a certain chance for T4+ items. There are two additions: they will surely drop at least one Alien Improbability Device, and they have a small chance to drop a universal token. These universal tokens can be exchanged for ICE in any of the Syndicate Supplies shops. The global stock of ICE items is limited to 50 for this event.

A little something

To have something for those who can't participate in any of these events, every account that had an active subscription at the time of this patch received a redeemable Alien Improbability Device. The redeem button is visible at the top right of the terminal background after you log in to the game.

Perpetuum Anniversary Quiz Show

Don't forget that we'll have a live quiz on Sunday, December 2nd at 21:00 CET (server time), right outside of Truhold-Markson Alpha terminal! See our anniversary blog post for more info on this.


  • Fix: Resolved a bug which caused that at rare occasions an item was immediately deleted after deployment to the terrain (affected items could include all kinds of loot containers, field containers, mobile teleports, distress beacons, and so on). NPCs or SAPs not dropping loot containers also fell under this issue.
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with ground tile locking that made mining beside steep walls impossible, as the server returned a "target too far" error, even if you were standing on top of the locked tile.
  • Fix: Artifacts on Alpha and Beta islands could accidentally spawn into unreachable terrain.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: T2+ and T4+ shield generators and shield hardeners were missing from the loot tables of Pelistal commander NPCs.


  • Fix: When adding a CT to the factory, the preview window was showing wrong production times.


  • Fix: Babel - I: The assignment couldn't be completed because there was no item submission building at objective H.


  • New: Added a "create squad" button to the squad window. (in addition to the right-click option of the same function)


Every active account's validity (subscription and trial) has been extended by 1 day to cover lost game time due to recent unscheduled downtimes.

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