Update news for 2012-09-17 - ICE / MPC Aura buildings

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The Integration Cycle Extender is a new, ingame, tradeable, consumable item that grants 30 days of game time to the account that it's consumed on. You are now able to purchase ICE items from the Perpetuum website store and sell them in-game to other players. This essentially gives you the option to play Perpetuum for free by acquiring game-time from others in the game.

ICE comes in the form of the same 25-digit game code like normal game time codes, which you can redeem to your (or any other) account. Once you have an ICE item on your account, you have to enter the game, and look for a flashy button on the background of a terminal. The actual ingame item can be redeemed there.

Warning / good to know:

Ingame redeem button
  • There are no special rules for the ICE ingame item. If you take it out and you get killed, there is a good chance it will get destroyed. If you put it in a field container and it expires, it will get destroyed. If you destroy it, it will be gone, and you will be sad. Very sad, as a matter of fact.
  • Redeeming an ICE item will place it in your private storage at your current location! If you are currently on a PvP island and you redeem it there, you have to anticipate that you will probably have to transport it to a safe place before you can sell it, because others likely won't take the risk for you.
  • There is currently no way to use ICE to reactivate an expired account. Update: We now have a free 24-hour account reactivation feature, which can be used to reactivate your account free of charge, and purchase an ICE item on the market to extend the validity of your account. The temporary reactivation feature can be reached from your account status page, or here is a direct link to it.

MPC Aura emitters

Aura emitter buildings work similarly to outpost Auras: they provide small bonuses for various activities on the area of a whole island, from sensory improvements to resource gathering boosts. Three different "effect packages" are available, that are freely selectable for an aura building via the colony management interface: a sensory aura, an industrial aura, and an engineering one. Keep in mind that similar auras do not stack, you can receive only one of the same type, regardless of level. The technology for these new buildings is available from structure kernels of course.

Character preset selection

Character creator presets

New players will now be welcome by a new character creation preset screen, with easy choices for combat and industry careers, for those who don't want to fine-tune every detail of their character. Of course those who still do, the advanced character creation button is still available.

Amazon Kickstarter changes

Some of you know about the Amazon exclusive kickstarter campaign we're currently doing. The point was raised that the EP bonus granted by the kickstarter being only available to new accounts is unfair (not to mention the lack of an announcement and the fact that this Amazon offer is US only), so we're changing things around a bit concerning this to fix the level playingfield.

The 20,000 EP that's currently granted by the Kickstarter will from now on be granted to all accounts upon first subscription, regardless where the time-code came from.

All accounts that haven't participated in the Kickstarter retroactively get this 20,000 EP during the patch as well. Just to be perfectly clear, this means that no EP has been removed from any account, and all those who have a non-trial account and haven't redeemed a kickstarter code got 20,000 EP. The exclusive items granted by the Kickstarter are not affected by this change.


  • Fix: There was no ammo reload timer when using "change all".
  • Fix: Safe logout from the terrain will now properly return to the character selection screen instead of disconnecting you.
  • Fix: The tutorial launcher window wasn't closed when a tutorial was started from inside a terminal.
  • Fix: Squad leaders were unable to kick members.
  • Fix: Remote armor repair modules will now stop when a repaired building is at maximum health.
  • Change: The randomize button has been removed from the character avatar creator screen.
  • Change: Ammunition can now be equipped even when you don't have the required extensions for it. (You still can't leave the terminal though.)
  • New: When you try to leave a terminal with equipment that you don't have the required extensions for, the error message will now tell you which extensions are missing exactly.
  • Change: All NPCs on Alpha 1 islands have been turned into non-agressive (orange) ones.


  • Fix: Stermonit amounts were switched for Stermid PL-10 and PL-40.
  • Change: The success distance for directional geoscanning (the distance a mineral tile has to be to get a red X) has been reduced from 10 tiles to 5 tiles (~50m).

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: The effect selector window for the various effect emitter buildings will now display what actual effects it provides.
  • Change: Buildings will not automatically flatten the terrain anymore beneath themselves when they get deployed.


  • Fix: The private transport assignment lists were not updated properly when accepting or completing an assignment.
  • Fix: One of the artifact objectives in "Tango - I" dropped the wrong assignment item.
  • Fix: Added missing icons for some assignment items.


  • New: You will now get a warning icon in the equip window if you have don't have the required extensions installed for the equipped modules, ammo, or your robot. The tooltip of the warning icon will tell you which extensions are missing.
  • Fix: Factory gui corruption occured when the last possible production cycle before a wear-out was cancelled.


  • New: Imgur integration for screenshots: when doing a screenshot, you will now have the option to upload the image to Imgur inside the game, and get the link for it.
  • Fix: Chat linkification (yes, that's a word) was not working for non-http links.
  • Fix: The last character of a line couldn't be selected in the chat.


  • New: Added a new option to the store to automatically redeem purchased game codes.

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