Update news for 2012-08-22 - Spark teleport / Private transport assignments

Spotlight features

Spark teleport

Spark teleportation is a technology which enables Agents to quickly jump back and forth between terminals. However, this technology only allows the transfer of sparks - no robots or other equipment can be brought along. The common usage of spark teleportation is remote asset management, but of course if you have a robot at the destination terminal, you can easily continue your operations from there. The extension required for using spark teleports can be found under the Robot control extension category.

Read more about this in the game guide.

Private transport assignments

The private transport assignment system is a Syndicate-controlled process, where you can have your items transported to a different terminal by fellow Agents. The interface for accepting and managing private assignments can be found under the second main tab of the Assignments window. New SynSec containers needed for these transport assignments are available on the market.

Read more about this in the game guide (bottom of the page).


  • Change: The starter tutorials have been relocated from the Agent profile window to the Help button's menu on the main menu bar.
  • Change: Revamped the starter mining tutorial, including the addition of directional scanning.
  • Change: Increased the speed of all missiles while flying in the air. (7-> 15 tile/s)
  • Change: Added 35 new fixed location random NPC spawns to each alpha 2 island. (105 in total, ranging from rank 2 to rank 4)
  • Change: Field and loot containers are invulnerable again. Unfortunately we did not take AoE damage into account when making the change, so they could get destroyed even by the explosion of the very robot that dropped them.

Robots and modules

  • Change: The items in starter Arkhes will now be packed by default to have more cargo space.
  • Fix: The optimal range of interference modules should now be properly affected by the EW NEXUS.


  • Change: "Advanced ballistics": the prerequisite level of "Basic ballistics" (and consequently for using medium missile launchers) has been increased from level 3 to 5, to be in line with the rest of the weapons. We have removed "Advanced ballistics" from every character due to this change, and reimbursed EP and NIC for it.
  • Change: Market sell and buy order extension bonuses have been increased from 1/5/10 to 5/25/50 per level (for basic/advanced/expert, respectively).


  • Change: Factional commodities don't require plants as components from another faction's island anymore.
  • Fix: There were some colixum fields inside the 2 km no-build zone around gamma teleports, these have been cleaned up to allow them to spawn elsewhere.
  • New: The "production in progress" panel on the right side of the factory window has been reworked. It will now show useful information, including the required components for the next production cycle.

Modular Private Colonies

  • Fix: Using the corporation management window sometimes reset the background color of the MPC terminal.
  • Fix: The client could sometimes fall in a long unresponsive state when opening both the colony planner and the corporation member list.
  • Fix: Items at a gamma terminal were not visible in the all items tab unless you entered that terminal first.
  • Fix: Missile turrets will now decide to shoot or not based on the same ballistic arc they can shoot in, and not in a straight line.
  • Fix: The demobilizers on EW turrets have been changed to short-range, LOS-independent demobilizers.
  • Fix: EW turrets now use a different target locking behaviour.


  • Fix: Fixed missing text and names connected to daily assignments.
  • Fix: Fixed artifact containers not spawning in level 4-5 daily geology assignments.
  • Fix: A lot of industrial assignment descriptions mentioned the wrong mineral type.
  • Fix: Objective E in Tango - II was at the wrong location.
  • Fix: The Asintec Industrial training assignment will now ask for triandlus instead of helioptris.
  • Fix: Added new directional scanning objectives to general and industrial training assignments.
  • Fix: Objectives which need to be completed on the area of the whole island won't show a confusing objective point at the center of the island anymore.
  • Fix: "Destroy" objectives in training missions wrongly had the "on the area of the island" addition, as they need to be completed within a specified area.


  • New: The world map will now remember which geoscan results are turned on.
  • Fix: Performing the first directional scanning after entering the game didn't properly update the map's resolution in the scanner window.
  • Fix: The slope display on the map won't paint it all yellow anymore if you don't have an active robot.
  • Fix: Objective names on the map are now aligned to the left of the objective icon to somewhat lessen text overlay conflicts.

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