Update news for 2012-07-11

This is a hotfix for a few important bugs, but since we've been working on gamma fixes too, some of it have sneaked into this patch. This isn't the intended "big" patch published in our devblog.


  • Fix: More fixes to NPCs going through walls, going swimming, etc.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that made roaming NPCs forget to roam.
  • Fix: The cost to repair an Arkhe was -1 NIC.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Fixed modules showing "ammo capacity 0" even when they don't require ammo.


  • Fix: Newly upgraded extensions had no effect on the terrain on certain islands.


  • New: The commodity dropdown in the refinery window is now sorted alphabetically.
  • New: A new confirmation box will warn you if there are not enough materials for all the production cycles.

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: Every building will now be able to enter emergency phase, with the exception of command relays and turrets.
  • New: Buildings coming out of emergency mode will now have a 2-hour PvP flag, for easier distinction between them being before or after their emergency phase (aka. "If we shoot the ones with PvP-flags, they will blow up, and not go into emergency mode.").
  • Fix: MPC Terminals will now drop their content when they get deconstructed (private and corporation storage contents, production items, etc.).
  • New: Added a terrain underlay with custom opacity slider into the colony planner.


  • Change: Changed the highway map color to something less harsh.


  • New: Added a new toast event filter for the notification of sent mails.
  • New: Added selection checkboxes to waypoints, with "select all" and "delete selected" functionality.
  • Fix: The location line in the proximity probe settings window will now show not only sector but the zone too.
  • Fix: Fixed buggy linebreak when editing ingame mails.
  • Fix: Home and end buttons will now work properly when editing ingame mails.

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