Update news for 2012-06-29


  • Change: Gamma teleport activation SAPs now only require 75 energy storage cells.
  • Change: Increased the number of NPCs in random spawns on Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2 islands.
  • Change: Reduced the respawn time of roaming NPC caravans from 1 day to 30 minutes on Alpha and Beta islands, and to 10 minutes on Gamma islands (Observers aren't affected).
  • Fix: Fixed missing gamma artifact names.
  • Fix: Fixed disappearing ammo bug when using "reload all".
  • New: Standard distress beacons are now available in Syndicate Supplies in exchange for faction tokens.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Geoscanner accuracy is now capped at 100%. Having accuracy above 100% didn't improve anything so it could be confusing, and it also caused a bug with directional scanning.
  • Fix: The Niani medium EM-gun had no components.


  • Fix: Optimized engineering now affects reactor sealings and EnWar upgrades.
  • Fix: Optimized electronic warfare now affects ECM tunings and sensor suppressor tunings.


  • Fix: Wrong decoder bonuses were shown in reverse engineering (just the bonus info, it didn't affect the end result).
  • Change: Production lines that reach 0 efficiency won't be cleared automatically anymore, to retain the opportunity to extract them if you wish to do so.
  • New: A new toast message will appear when a production line reaches 0 efficiency.

Modular Private Colonies

  • New: Added a new NPC-seeded, non-recyclable Syn-tec construction block, for a reduced price.
  • Change: Reduced the material requirement of normal construction blocks, and removed the NPC-seeds for them.
  • Fix: MPC terminals didn't return facility fees to the owner like beta outposts do.
  • Fix: The LOS-height (the point where weapons hit) of most of the buildings was too low due to a bug, this has been fixed now.
  • Fix: Fixed the construction block requirement of the advanced repair node.
  • Fix: Fixed the component requirement of the advanced and hi-tech EW-turrets.


  • Change: The limitation change to allow only 4 of the same assignment in the last 10 completed assignments was a bit premature, and has been reverted to 6/10.
  • Fix: Fixed assignments asking for minerals not available on their faction's island.


  • New: Highway strips are now shown on the radar.
  • Fix: Sorting wasn't working properly in the item info windows' component list.
  • Fix: The item info button on the market was missing when viewed from the rates tab.
  • Fix: Disconnected teleports were not visible on the radar.
  • Fix: "Ghost" teleport icons were shown on the world map when you encountered a mobile teleport on the terrain.

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