Update news for 2012-06-13


  • New: The server will now periodically clean up mineral tiles containing very low amounts.
  • Fix: Another go at fixing stuck NPCs.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Wrong tooltip for the silgium mining bonus of sparks.
  • Fix: Fixed the components of the T0 medium lasers and EM guns.


  • Change: Modified the coloring gradient of the map.


  • Change: Production lines in the factory will now degrade linearly, and they will be cleared when they reach 0. Degradation is 0.3 points per cycle for ammunition and charges, 1 for modules, 3 for robots, 5 for most of the MPC buildings, 10 for reactors and 20 for main terminals and facilities.
  • Change: Increased the harvesting yield per cycle for all plants.
  • Fix: The time ratio of the reverse engineering facility had no effect.


  • Fix: Various assignment fixes.

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