Update news for 2012-06-05


  • New: You can now promote squad members to secondary leaders (shown in italic in the squad list). Secondary leaders can also invite or kick members, and can promote other members to secondary leader. If there is no leader in the squad, a secondary leader will be promoted to leader. If there is no secondary leader either, a random member will be chosen as leader.
  • Change: The following items are now non-recyclable: mining charges, harvester charge, construction block, standard colony buildings.

Robots and modules

  • Change: The briochit component in standard combat and industrial mechs has been changed to titanium.
  • Change: TM Sparksys Crafter sparks now give bonuses to Silgium mining.


  • Fix: Reverse engineering facility efficiencies are now displayed properly.

Known issues

  • Borderless window mode doesn't work properly with multimonitor setups.

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