Update news for 2012-02-01 - Walls & bombs

Spotlight features

Proximity probes

Proximity probe

These probes can be deployed from your robot’s cargo to the terrain, and function a bit like remote security sensors. They will detect anyone coming near to them, and notify you with alerts on your map and radar, regardless where you are in the world. They can only be deployed by members of private player-run corporations, and they only work on beta islands. For additional details please see the ingame help.

After some rebalancing and additional features, probes are back again. Here are the changes compared to the previous version:

  • Their detection/masking has been changed from 175/2000 rF to 45/275 rF. This means they can detect robots from a shorter range and the probes themselves can be detected more easily than before too.
  • They can only be deployed on beta islands.
  • The deployment range limit has been removed, now you can place probes close to each other if you wish to do so.
  • Two new corporation management extensions have been added, both need to be installed by corporation CEOs:
Proximity probe deployment: this enables the placement of proximity probes, and every level increases the number of maximum deployed probes by 1. This means a maximum of 10 deployed probes per corporation.
Proximity probe networking: this extension increases the maximum users per probe by 3 Agents per level, from a base value of 10 Agents.
  • Probes have their own accumulator now, which can be drained or neutralized. If this happens, the probe will stop sending alerts and the owner will need to use an energy transfer module to turn it on again. The accumulator has a slow 24-hour recharging cycle too, so given the time it will become operational on its own as well.
  • Probes have now their own interference emission. This also helps in the detection of them, if you pay attention to your interference indicator.
  • Your own corporation's probes will have now the small green corporation icons just like your corp mates, for easier recognition.
Defensive Wall Unit

Defensive walls

The first herald of persistent player-built structures is here! Defensive wall units can be deployed from your cargo onto the ground (beta islands only), and with time they will grow into full-fledged sturdy walls, mainly used for territorial defense.

A special wall compiler module is also available, to speed up the relatively slow "natural" growth of walls - if you have the NIC to spend on the required charges. There are some special rules for building walls too: 1 wall unit can have up to 3 neighbouring walls (diagonal doesn't count), and an area of 21 by 21 tiles can only contain a maximum of 95 wall units. Ah, the mysteries of Hungarian maths.

Plasma bombs

Plasma bomb device

Once deployed and activated, plasma bombs will unleash the biggest boom you’ve ever seen so far on Nia. Their main role is to wipe an area clean of walls and plants, but they will also deal substantial damage to anyone foolish enough to stand around when they go off. In theory it’s possible to use them in battle too, but their relatively long activation time provides for ample getaway time, and it’s pretty easy to shoot them down too, so utilization there might be a bit more tricky.

There are two types of bombs, the high-yield plasma bomb, used against walls, and the weaker chemical bomb suitable for your everyday gardening needs. Similarly to walls, bombs can only be used on beta islands.

CEO change mechanic

A new CEO change mechanic is now available for corporations where the CEO has been missing for a long time, hindering normal operation of management. If a CEO has not been online for 30 days straight, Deputy CEOs will have the option to apply for the CEO position, using a button at the bottom of the corporation members list (only one Deputy CEO can apply at a time). This will start a 48-hour timer, at the end of which the applicant will become the new CEO of the corporation. As long as the timer is in progress, the application can be vetoed by all other Deputy CEOs, or by the CEO if he/she should return.

Incubators for all plant types

Organic incubators for all types of plants are now available on the market (the only exception is Prismocitae - we have future plans for that one). This means not only harvestable ones, but also decorational types, although the latter ones are only allowed on beta islands. In contrary to noralgis, these plants require specific tiles where they can be planted, so they will need more experimenting than usual. A good clue is to check for places where they are growing naturally.


  • New: Using shift+drag unstacking to your robot cargo will now automatically fill in the amount of remaining space.
  • New: Added a new option for automatic primary target advancement, available in Options/Gameplay. This will automatically promote a secondary target to primary, if the current primary is lost.
  • Change: Various NPC AI fixes and improvements. Most notably, the feature where a damaged NPC will call its buddies for help has been reinstated again.
  • Change: The missile guidance failure parameter has been inverted and turned into missile guidance accuracy. This means you will start from 90% accuracy, which you can improve to 100% with the missile guidance extension.


  • Change: Mechs and heavy mechs got some bigger explosion effects (the system randomly chooses one of them upon destruction).

Graphic engine

  • New: The environment reflection effect on robots and various terrain elements has been modified to be more awesome™.


  • Change: The extension requirement of all ammo types has been set to level 1 (selected types required level 5 previously).


  • New: The targeting computer can now be sorted by targeting order, damage, and distance from its right-click menu.
  • New: Selected character name will now appear in the window title to ease running multiple clients.
  • New: Added value tooltips to the market rate graphs.
  • New: Added health bars for plants, visible in the landmark information window.
  • Change: The radar range circle can now be increased to 20000m.
  • Fix: Squad window sorting treated "Out of range" members as being at 9999m instead of sorting them to the end.
  • Fix: The client will now properly lose typing focus if it's not the active task.
  • Fix: Fixed double line drawing bug on the radar.

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