Update news for 2012-01-17 - Proximity probe / Interzone teleport

Spotlight features

Deployed proximity probe

Proximity probes

These probes can be deployed from your robot’s cargo to the terrain, and function a bit like remote security sensors. They will detect anyone coming near to them, and notify you with alerts on your map and radar, regardless where you are in the world. They can only be deployed by members of private player-run corporations, but they work on both alpha and beta islands. For additional details please see the ingame help.

Interzone mobile teleports

Just like old mobile teleports, this new interzone type will quickly transport a number of Agents to other fixed teleports. The difference, as the name suggests, is that they are able to move you and your squad to another island. They still have a limited range, so in order to make sure that you will reach your desired location, you can right-click an interzone teleport in your cargo and select "Check teleport range". This will list all the available destinations from your current position. Alternatively you can also use the newly added distance measurement tooltip on the world map.


  • Fix: You will not get the "in combat" status anymore if NPCs only lock or see you, only when they attack you.
  • Fix: Enemy NPCs sometimes used their remote armor repair modules on you. We took away their drugs and reset their affection algorithms.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Packaging robots will now properly restore their paint level.


  • Fix: Mk2 robot manufacturing could not be started if you had an equipped standard version of the robot in your private storage.


  • Fix: The intrusion window was not properly cleared when you left the 1000m range of an active SAP.


  • Fix: Various fixes in the new tutorial assignment lines.


  • New: The world map coordinate tooltip will now show the distance from your current position too. Useful when checking interzone teleport ranges.
  • New: Added a new right-click option to the radar which allows you to set dot coloring to either the old organizational type (squad, corp, etc) or a new coloring based on set relation.

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