Update news for 2011-12-23 - Scarab / Syndicate Supplies

Spotlight features


Scarab, accompanied by Sequers

The Scarab is the first member of a new class of robots called gliders. The common feature of gliders is that they are hovering above the ground, which means they have excellent slope capabilities, and resistance against demobilization. Mobility comes with a price though, since they are also quite vulnerable at the same time. The Scarab itself is a heavy industrial glider, designed to transport huge amounts of cargo, a whopping 720 units.

As with every new technology, you have to acquire the Scarab from the Nian natives. Free roaming caravans on every island are now accompanied by enemy Scarabs, dropping new types of heavy glider kernels. Research these kernels to gain the necessary knowledge to start mass-producing them.

Syndicate Supplies

From now on all normal assignments (from level 1 and above) will provide a number of special faction tokens as part of their reward. Syndicate Supplies is a new base facility where you can exchange these tokens to rare and valuable ammunition and equipment. Currently it only lists the good old assignment reward ammunitions and charges, but soon we'll add much more items.

New robot animations

As a follow-up to the Arkhe improvement, we're now deploying a bigger package of new robot animations. This time the 3 light combat robots and the 3 light EW-robots get some much better looking walking and running animations, affecting both player-controlled robots and NPCs too.

Holiday treasure hunt

Alien Improbability Devices make their return for the holiday season, again available from "Strange signal" artifacts and elite-type NPCs. Additionally we have doubled the spawn chance of rare materials (both isotopes and special variants). This event starts now and will end on January 2nd, 2012.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Graphic engine

  • New: Some of the bigger robots will now be displayed scaled down on the terminal screen and in the equip window.


  • New: Added the new Glider robot control extension, required for the Scarab.


  • New: Added new movement sounds to go with the 6 new robot animations.

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