Update news for 2011-12-01 - Intrusion 2.0

Spotlight features

Intrusion 2.0

The long-awaited changes to the outpost intrusion system are here! The changes should much more reflect the controlling forces in an area via outpost ownership, and should be a much more dynamic way of territorial warfare than before. He have also added a lot of incentives to own an outpost, like the possibility to close them down from unwanted enemies, and the NEXUS-like Outpost Aura effects. You can read about Intrusion 2.0 in much more detail on our devblog.

Note: Intrusions are currently on hold until Monday the 5th, 12:00 CET, to not interfere with the anniversary events.

Anniversary events

Although we announced the anniversary PvE events to be starting on the 2nd, you'll already be able to jump right into the treasure hunt when this patch goes live!

Artifact hunt and anniversary sparks

Artifacts emitting strange signals started to pop up all around Nia. They hold some kind of never before seen alien devices, so you'll probably want to check them out.

You'll also find special assignments called "Ancient data recovery" at all three Alpha 2 main terminals (Hershfield, Tellesis, Shinjalar). Each of them will send you out to find one item on each of the three islands, and you'll be able to unlock one of the 2 exclusive sparks, a combat or an industry related one. You can do these assignments only once, so normally you'll have only enough items to unlock one spark, but of course you can always get the required items some other way...

These special artifacts and the Ancient data recovery assignments will be only available until Monday the 5th, 12:00 CET!

Corporation Tournament

Don't forget, on the 3rd and 4th there will be also the big Perpetuum Anniversary Corporation Tournament! You will even be able to watch it from up close in the game, too! Check out our devblog for the details, and this forum topic for the participants and some more info.

New level 3 assignments

We have removed all old level 3 assignments, and added altogether 90 new ones (30 per faction). Available from a relation of 2.01, these new assignments are scattered around Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 main terminals and outposts. Some of them are even featuring a new type of objective, where you have to use the recently introduced distress beacons. We have also done some terraforming and added new structures connected to these new assignments.


  • Change: Considerably reduced the armor HP of drone NPCs and somewhat their loot drops as well.
  • Change: The last wave of distress beacons are now special waves: in case of normal beacons this means elite NPCs, and for officer-type beacons this means that the last officer will also bring some friends along.
  • Change: The escalation chance of Commander ("Star") distress beacons has been slightly lowered.

Robots and modules

  • Change: The robot bonuses of Troiar and Troiar Mk2 have been changed from 5% to 8% neutralized energy per extension level, and from 5% to 2% accumulator recharge time per extension level.
  • Change: Reduced the cycle times of all small energy drainers and neutralizers from 10 to 8 seconds.
  • Change: Increased the cycle times of T4+ remote armor repairers.
  • Change: Reduced the repaired amount parameter of the T4+ medium remote armor repairer.
  • Change: Increased the cargo capacity of all Mk2 robots by ~25%.


  • Change: Faction specific robot control extensions (Pelistal, Nuimqol, Thelodica, Industrial and Spec. ops) now don't give any extra bonuses anymore, but all affected robots have a new robot bonus based on these extensions instead. (EP and NIC for the Spec. ops robot control extension has been reimbursed.)
Combat robots: 1% reduction to faction specific weapon cycle times
EW robots: 1% increase to signal masking
Industrial robots : 1% reduction to miner and harvesting module CPU usage
Industrial haulers: 1% increase to maximum armor HP


  • New: Higher level reverse engineering facilities now produce CTs with better attributes. Level II facilities add an extra 2.5% to time and material ratio, level III adds 5% and level IV adds 7.5% (they are still capped at 100%).
  • Fix: The knowledge base link in the research results window was opening the wrong window.


  • Change: Small and medium miners/harvesters have their own category now.


  • New: All terminals and outposts have now an information window, just like robots or modules. Available by right-clicking them on the world map, or when outside.
  • Change: Sending an ingame mail will now only show an event toast instead of a popup message.
  • New: Recycling items with random components (the ones saying "additional results expected") will now show a list of items gained during recycling.
  • New: Added a refresh button to all paginated lists and logs.
  • New: The "Friend is online" toast message can now be clicked and it will open a private chat window with that Agent.


  • New: Polish localization is now available.
  • Change: Some of the decorational plants are now faction-specific and will only grow on selected islands.

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