Update news for 2011-10-28 - Attributes, extensions and sparks

Spotlight features

New spark system

Asintec industrial spark

In order to give sparks a gameplay role, we converted them into passive module-like items, which provide small permanent bonuses and are interchangeable. To get hold of a spark, you need proper authorization to use them (basically “unlock” them). This authorization process can either mean a one-time NIC payment, or reaching a certain level of relation with a corporation.

Once you’re authorized to use a spark, you have to install it, which costs varying amounts of money. Unlike authorization, which you only have to do once, changing between sparks always has an installation cost, even if you change back to one that you already had installed. There is also a 1-hour integration period, during which you can’t install another spark.

You can read more about sparks in our devblog, or the game guide.

Revamped extension system

  • Attributes have been removed, character diversity now purely depends on extensions.
  • The base cost of extensions has been reduced from the 100 EP to 60 EP. Consequently, every account has had its available EP recalculated, resulting in varying amounts of extra EP for everyone.
  • Character creation will only determine your starting traits, you will not be forced to chose a specific path.
  • The account reset feature has been removed from the game.
  • We have reimbursed all EP which were placed into penalty pools during account resets and character deletions. Note: character deletion will still cost 2880 EP in the future!

You can find more info on these changes in our blog post Attributes, extensions and sparks.

Extension downgrading

This patch also brings the ability to downgrade extension levels, and to get back the EP and NIC you have spent on them, with certain limitations. This feature is mainly intended for new players, to give them a chance to correct their mistakes while they are learning the game, so downgrading will only be available for 30 days after you create your first character. Since this is a new feature, though, we’re also providing all veteran players a 30-day grace period. This grace period starts today, and will end on 2011-11-28 00:00. Again, this grace period is for existing characters only, newly created characters will have 30 days from their creation time.

Read more about this topic and about the limitations in our game guide or the devblog.

New robot walk animations

We'll be gradually rolling out new walk animations for the smaller robots, starting in today's patch with the very first bot players encounter: the Arkhe. Read more and see a comparison video in our blog post, Skittering Arkhes.

Character creation

  • Change: Removed the attribute display.
  • Change: Removed the starting corporation selection stage. Your starting corporation will now be decided by which school you choose. (To avoid confusion: the starting corporation stage didn't give any extra extensions, only attributes, so it's not needed anymore.)
  • Change: Changed the description of sparks to provide info on their bonuses.


  • Change: Distress beacons will now spawn NPCs in a small area instead of one point.
  • Fix: The Nuimqol Patrol Distress Beacon was spawning pelistal NPCs too by mistake.
  • Fix: Fixed the undock timers.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Some of the newly added modules have been missing their beam effects and some parameters.


  • New: Added a warning popup when you're about to cross the extension downgrade freeze level (can be turned off).
  • New: Added global EP spent and EP spent per character display to the bottom of the extension window.
  • New: Added EP cost (and return) column to the extension history.


  • New: Added a tier column to the production monitors.


  • New: T2+ and T4+ items are now listed on the market.


  • Fix: Fixed locked targets jumping around in the targeting computer.
  • Change: Completed assignment objectives will now get removed from the landmarks.


  • Change: New movement sound for the Arkhe, to go with the new walk animation.

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