Update news for 2011-10-21 - Distress beacons

Spotlight features

Distress beacons

Various types of distress beacons

This is a new feature that is intended for quick “on-demand” PvE battles. It also kindof replaces the roaming Observers that have been removed from alpha islands in the last patch.

Distress beacons are basically a secure communication device and a teleport endpoint node, which the alien factions are using to call in reinforcements. However, if you get your hands on one of these beacons, you can use them to your favor: upon activating these beacons, the alien forces will instantly teleport there, where you can easily ambush them if you are properly prepared.

See our devblog for more detailed info!

Relaxed trial restrictions

Most of the trial restrictions have been removed, the remaining two limits are: trials still can’t send money to other players (but they can receive), and they can’t found a corporation. All the other restrictions regarding market access, trading, chat, field containers and joining a corporation have been lifted. (And of course the 15 days of limited game time still stands too.)


  • Change: In-island teleports will now deploy you further away from the teleport.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Shield module info now properly calculates robot surface hit size into the shield absorption value.


  • Fix: The occasional double-fade-in after inland teleports was fixed.


  • Fix: Robot walking sounds could disappear when locking something.
  • Fix: All sounds could gradually disappear during longer gameplays.


  • New: Added a client startup warning which will appear if your computer doesn't meet the proposed future requirements of having shader model 3.0 support. Find more info on this in our devblog.
  • New: New characters will be automatically added to the Recruitment chat channel.
  • New: Character profile windows now display when the Agent is a trial player.

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