Update news for 2011-10-14


  • Fix: NPC accumulators didn't get drained when using energy drainers on them.
  • Fix: Using energy transfer modules on NPCs properly gave an error that it's not usable on them, but it didn't deactivate the module.
  • Change: Removed roaming-type Observer NPCs from Alpha islands.


  • Fix: One of the objective artifacts in Caucasus VIII was spawning the wrong type of item.
  • Fix: Balanced the reward payment of Techolique V.
  • Change: Lowered the reward payment of the new level 2 industrial assignments Techolique, Meteora and Cassius I through IV.


  • New: Added thousand separation for quantities on the market.
  • Fix: Moved the maximum quantity display in market order windows below the quantity input, so it won't get cut now.

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