Update news for 2011-10-07 - New NPC AI and level 2 assignments

Spotlight features


The NPC AI has been completely rewritten to allow for different behaviours for specific NPC types in the future. It also brings the new feature that they have an accumulator now, so you will be able to use energy drainers and neutralizers on them, and they will feel it.

New level 2 assignments

In our ongoing efforts to replace all old assignments to newer interesting ones, we are now deploying the level 2 assignment pack. Altogether 69 new assignments are available (mostly on alpha outposts) in various types.

Corporation production monitoring

Corporation members with the necessary corporation roles (CEO, deputy CEO, production manager, financial officer) are now able to both monitor ongoing corporation production jobs and see the history of completed productions. These are of course still started by individual members, and will only be visible in corporation monitoring if they check the "Use corporation account" checkbox when starting a production process. Corporation productions are also sending toast notifications, and there is a new filter on the event settings panel for those who want to hide these.


  • Change: Increased the amount of plasma in combat mech and heavy mech NPC loot due to hitpoint increase.
  • Change: Increased the amount of plasma in the loot of NPCs which have armor plates equipped (in addition to the mech's increase above).
  • Change: The base damage of AOE explosions has been reduced from 50% to 40% of the maximum armor HP.
  • Fix: Modules didn't reactivate after an automatic reload cycle.
  • Fix: You were able to load ammunition on the field for which you didn't have the required extensions.
  • Fix: The bug where NPCs spawned from artifacts sometimes didn't disappear when killed or didn't drop a loot container should be fixed now.
  • Fix: "Ghost" items appeared in the private storage during direct trade, before the trade was completed.
  • Fix: Pelistal Servant Lancers were dropping nuimqol fragments.
  • Fix: Field/loot container windows were not automatically closed when they got out of range.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Increased the locking range of combat mechs.
  • Change: Increased the locking range of the Zenith (Mk2 too).
  • Change: Improved the efficiency of ECCM modules, and their sensor strength bonus is not a percentage multiplier anymore, but a fixed additional sensor strength value, which is independent from the robot's base parameter.
  • Change: Lowered the base speed of the Kain by 0.9 kph.
  • Change: Increased the base armor HP of combat mechs by ~20% and combat heavy mechs by ~25%.
  • Change: Increased the armor HP bonus provided by armor plates by ~50%.
  • Change: Armor plates now increase the surface hit size of robots.
  • Change: Increased the repair amount of the T4 small remote armor repairer module.
  • Fix: Fixed double/missing mass parameters in robot infos.
  • Fix: Fixed maximum targets display in robot infos.
  • Fix: The emitter strength modification of named interference modules had no effect.

Graphic engine

  • Fix: Fixed the weird smoke/fireballs on the field bug which was connected with the missing missile smoke trails issue.


  • Change: The final material result in the recycling plant will now be always rounded down.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug where "submit item"-type terminals could accept items outside their range.
  • Fix: Doublecklicking or using "interact" on assignment objective buildings will now approach them to the proper range.


  • New: The market order duration dropdown will now remember its last used setting (separately for buy/sell orders).


  • New: A new option is available under gameplay options, which will automatically freeze the sorting of the landmarks window when the mouse cursor is moved over it, to help easier target picking.
  • New: Starting a manual reload cycle will now instantly provide visual feedback instead of waiting for the end of the current cycle.
  • New: Industry related facilities have been gathered under a single dropdown button in the main menu bar.
  • New: Corporation production processes are now displayed in yellow color in private production monitors.
  • Fix: Fixed multiple module info update bugs when loading/unloading or changing ammo.
  • Fix: Fixed intrusion event history sorting.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug in the unstack window input field when using volume unstack.
  • Fix: The extension window was not properly updated when it was open during entering a terminal.


  • Fix: Occasional crashes when closing the client.
  • New: Added assignable hotkey for the prototype facility.

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