Update news for 2011-09-22


  • Change: All non-assignment related NPC spawns have now been changed to random spawns throughout all islands.
  • New: Doubleclicking in loot/fieldcontainers will now take the item.
  • New: Added an "Ammo/Charge (All)" option to the module right-click menu instead of the shift+click method, for changing ammo in all modules at once.
  • New: Added left-click selection feature to the radar.
  • Change: The radar ping has been changed to double-click.
  • Fix: Fixed highway skips/rubberbanding with high speed robots.
  • Fix: A possible fix for the "random NPC spawn disconnect bug", which actually seems not to be connected to NPCs, but to rare states of the combat log.
  • Change: Increased the number of minimum loot items in beta island artifacts to 3-5-7, for I-II-III artifacts respectively.
  • Change: Removed 25% Mk2 CTs from beta artifacts. Level 1 can now contain 50% CTs, level 2 50% and 75% with low chance, and level 3 beta artifacts contain only 75% CTs.
  • Change: Reduced the drop chance of CPU cortexes.
  • Fix: The equip window was not properly updated after using the empty robot command.
  • Fix: The effects of signal detection and masking will now instantly work when activated, without the need to move your robot.
  • Fix: Server error when mining or scanning titan ore on New Virginia.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Magnedart slug damage increased from 28/56 to 30/60 (small/medium).
  • Change: Decreased the weight of T2 range extenders (T2P as well).
  • Change: Increased the effect length of signal detectors to 10 secs, their cycle time to 25 secs, and also increased their accumulator usage.
  • Fix: Packed robot infos had two mass parameters.


  • New: Fixed switched columns in the production history and added a new production price column. (Works only for new ones, old productions will display 0 NIC.)


  • New: Now available in Dutch!
  • New: The unstack window will now remember its last setting (number of elements or volume).
  • New: A "Channel management" window is now available for channel operators by rightclicking the background of the channel. This allows them to unban banned characters.
  • New: Added the "setcameramode" console command. There are two settings: stun and kill. I mean 0 and 1. "setcameramode 1" will enable a freeflight camera mode. In this mode you can control the camera with the WASD keys, look around with the mouse holding the right button, and use R/F keys to ascend or descend. You can control the speed of the freeflight camera with the normal speed slider on your robot status panel. "setcameramode 0" will return to the normal camera mode. NOTE: As you might guess, this is a dirty hack, only intended for advanced users recording ingame videos. You won't be able to use it for spying, since radar range will still be tied to your robot, and not the camera. That said, if you still find a way to use it for unintended purposes, it will be considered an exploit and we will have to remove it from the game.

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