Update news for 2011-09-01


  • Change: Replaced another 3 old NPC spawns with new random spawns on every island.
  • Change: Normalized the NPC level variation in random spawns.
  • Change: Higher chance of elite NPCs in random spawns.
  • Fix: Noralgis will not yield an unused rare mineral variant anymore.
  • Fix: Fixed the distance check of field containers when putting items into them.

Robots and modules

  • Change: Increased the base accumulator capacity of the Seth (and Mk2) to 4300 AP.
  • Change: Reduced the damage of the small compositecore slug from 26 to the intended 24.
  • Change: Signal detector modules will now provide their detection modification effect for only 5 seconds instead of 10 seconds, and their cycle time has increased from 10 to 20 seconds (which is more like a cooldown now).
  • Change: Reduced the differences between signal detector tiers, making tiers T1 to T3 more effective.
  • Change: Small increase of the masking modification of signal maskers, and reduced the differences between tiers here as well.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of medium ballistic missiles.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of medium HCL lasers.
  • Change: Increased the repair amount of remote armor repairers.
  • Change: Increased the optimal range of T2-T4 small firearms, and the T4 medium short range firearm.


  • Fix: The Remote armor repair extension was broken.


  • Fix: Channel logs for channels with non-Latin characters in the channel name will be now saved to their correct transliterated filenames.
  • Fix: CSV export will now properly include module names in the file name.

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