Update news for 2011-08-09

Spotlight features

Added left-click ping and drawing ability for the radar - two very useful tools in squad coordination.


  • Fix: Selecting "Delete folder" on a default geoscan result folder also deleted results of the same mineral type in user-created folders.
  • Change: Roaming-type Observer NPCs will not spawn anymore within a 2000 meter radius of a player.
  • Change: There should be now no deployment time penalty for non-Arkhe robots. (A constant 7-second deployment cooldown is still in place.)
  • Change: Removed highways from Hokkogaros.

Robots and modules

  • Fix: Repairer NEXUS modules had no effect on remote armor repairer modules.

Graphic engine

  • New: Windowed mode will now remember client window size and position.


  • Fix: Removed the "High-grade recycling" extension and reimbursed spent EP and NIC. The effects of the extension are now default for all recycling processes (full recycling of high-level minerals, depending on your Recycling extension).


  • New: Mining and harvesting cycles can now occasionally yield rare materials. These are more dense isotopes or more pure variants of the standard raw materials, and can be recycled to their standard counterparts. There is also a chance that mining one type of mineral will yield a variant of another loosely related mineral. Currently rare materials have no other purpose than spicing up mining and saving some cargo space.
  • Change: Removed epriton-based components from T1 items and replaced them with non-epriton-based components.
  • Change: Removed the prototype bonus in the reverse engineering facility. Since creating named item CTs is only possible with prototypes for a while now, it became obsolete and unintended.
  • New: The base efficiency of calibration templates (CTs) created via reverse engineering has been adjusted to boost starter industry and low-level item production. The new base efficiencies (using the minimum required decoders) are as follows:
ammo 80%
T1 modules 70%
light industrial robots 70%
light combat robots 65%
industrial assault robots 65%
T2 modules 60%
light EW robots 60%
assault robots 60%
industrial mechs 60%
T3 modules 55%
combat mechs 55%
industrial heavy mechs 55%
T4 modules 50% (no change)
EW mechs 50% (no change)
combat heavy mechs 50% (no change)


  • Fix: When modifying internal corporation adverts, the modification window still showed some market tax applying (display only).
  • Fix: "Returned buy order" transaction log entries didn't show the item amounts properly.
  • Fix: The amount columns in the market rates graphs have a consistent width now.


  • New: Armor resistance amounts are now shown in both point and percentage values, in robot and armor hardener module infos.
  • Fix: The tutorial window wasn't closed when logging out with an active tutorial.
  • Fix: The bug where some context menu submenus sometimes didn't open should be fixed now.


  • New: If you have multiple graphic adapters installed, it is now possible to tell the client which one it should use with the command line option Perpetuum.exe -adapter N (where N=number of the adapter).
  • New: Career kills will now show all your kills and not just the last 30 days.

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